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  1. Happy Birthday from Newfoundland, Canada!!!
  2. Happy Birthday Mate!!!!
  3. Happy Birthday mate!! Here's to many more!
  4. Just checked mine and I'm getting 21. All is good.
  5. Yes, that's why I was thinking too much Vac which was causing a lite pedal.
  6. Sparky, how does the brake pedal feel? is it lite to push? I'm thinking mine is getting too much vacuum, because it is lite to push, but do have good stopping power!
  7. WOW!! She's in a right mess!
  8. I must do the Head lamp conversion some day! She's only been in Canada for six years!
  9. fsrowsell


    Just finishing off this nice bottle of rum! First time trying it and I must say its not bad at all.
  10. Yes that's right Sparky. I ditched the ABS and redid the brake pipes to the MR2 master. I also routed a vacuum line from the Vac pump to the Servo. Works great !!
  11. Congrats Sparkly!!! I know that MOT station in Watford That's not the first Highwing in there!
  12. Why are the leads routed forward instead of at the back of the engine! Strange.
  13. No! Who would do such a thing?
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