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    My main interest is Cars!... I love to work on cars more so then drive them...

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    Felix Rowsell
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    1992 Esprit SE High Wing, AUDI S8, Audi Q7, Chevy Pickup Truck
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  1. Happy birthday Sparky!

    Happy Birthday Mate!!
  2. Rum

    Just finishing off this nice bottle of rum! First time trying it and I must say its not bad at all.
  3. Delco-Moraine ABS Deletion

    Yes that's right Sparky. I ditched the ABS and redid the brake pipes to the MR2 master. I also routed a vacuum line from the Vac pump to the Servo. Works great !!
  4. Happy birthday Chris

    Happy Birthday mate!
  5. SE High Wing C Service

    Congrats Sparkly!!! I know that MOT station in Watford That's not the first Highwing in there!
  6. SE High Wing C Service

    Why are the leads routed forward instead of at the back of the engine! Strange.
  7. This week's bit of fun

    No! Who would do such a thing?
  8. This week's bit of fun

    And again I had this happen to me!!
  9. This week's bit of fun

  10. This week's bit of fun

  11. This week's bit of fun

    Sparky, I had to change my pump! Weak vacuum
  12. Happy birthday Sparky!

    Happy Birthday,mate!!
  13. Ace Cafe Wednesday 18th January

    Yah I know Trevor! and now I'm along There's one Exige 6 hrs from me, so hoping to meet up with him this summer. He's also from London.
  14. Ace Cafe Wednesday 18th January

    Not many Esprits anymore
  15. Yes mate, you have very big shoulders Hope all is well and I do miss the Hoons for sure!