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  1. Your welcome mate, it was good to see you again! Cheers for the sangy! Felix
  2. Trev, you say your headed to the Ace tonight. I'm also thinking about taking a run also... Want to meet up?
  3. Sorry mates, I will be in Belgium on that day 1/ Trevsked (Trevor, Sport 350) 2/ Sparky (Gary GT3) 3/ Internets (Chris GT3) 4 Felix (Felix SE High Wing) 5/ Wookie (Chris Adopted Esprit S5) 6/ Hopo (An S3 of some kind) 7/ Skiing (Henry S3 N/A) 8/ MrJohn111 (John in Sue's TE)
  4. . Bibs 2. Laura 3. Mike Kimberley 4. Kimbers 5. Ken Baird 6. Mrs Baird 7. Cliff 8. Mike 6 9. Kim 10. Vicki &... 11. ...Paul 12. Felix 13. Denise
  5. 1. Harsh - 360 Spider 2. Fru - Atom 3. Verysideways - Tour car 4. Bob - Spyker or something else fun 5. Don1 - Sagaris 6. Fatboy 18 - Noisy Viper GTS 7. John H - Atom 8. Uncle Albert - 996 Turbo 9. Gem - Exige 10. Jay - 66 Mustang 11. 13th - Diablo roadster 12. LS3-Steve - VXR8 13. jumplead - Monaro or TVR 14. Leslie - Lamborghini Urraco 15. Dan H - S 16. Hethelred - Exige 17. Sparky - Octavis vRS 18. ChrisY - Elise 11R or Clio 182. 19. ACZ/Boris - Something and Somehow 20. Roger - boring car 21. stick100 - hsv gts-r 22. Fiona - Pedro 23. Switch - Cappy 24. Ediz - M3 25. Hughsie - M6 26. Clive P - Elise 27. Stu - Camaro 28. Rob - Stag 29. Phil - TVR 30. Bav - 458 31. Roz 32. Felix - Esprit SE HighWing
  6. Yes, that is mine... It was a great day out and I look forward to next year!
  7. Hi Fabian, I remember you and your car! How are things? Felix
  8. No worries Roz... The offer is still open. Sorry we have not had the change to meet up in person. This summer has been crazy busy for me.. Take care Felix
  9. Sorry guys, but I'm back in the mother land this week!
  10. I should be home in time for this one... It's been a long time sense I've been to the ACE...
  11. Nice one Paul... What part of Ontario are you from? I'm from down East myself Felix
  12. In deed one of my Favs.... Love them
  13. Gert, a couple of us are coming over Saturday afternoon and staying the night in Ypres. Are you around? Felix
  14. Roz, I have an extra seat. If you don't mine riding with a Canadian
  15. That's more like it sparky.... You know what happens with all work and no play../ Sorry I can't be with you guys:(
  16. No worries Paul.... Maybe next time. So far no rain at mine. Sorry to hear about your MOT Dave.
  17. Up early with the coffee and I see a blue sky!!
  18. Trev, sorry mate, I'll be back over in Belgium again...
  19. Hiya mates, I'm back from Belgium for the weekend and i'm looking forward to meeting up with everyone and enjoying the show..... See you all Sunday morning. Cheers Felix
  20. Gert, i' m in Mons Belgium at the moment. I will be returning to the UK Friday evening
  21. Sorry Mate, can't make it this year I'm afraid Work is sending me to Brussels for the month of Jul... I maybe home on the weekends, so maybe I can make Uxbridge Cheers Felix
  22. What a brilliant day out!! A great hoon up the M40... I don't know which way Sparky took us back to Watford, but we made it. Dave thanks for the shade. Great to see everyone one out in fine for. O yea there were allot of nice cars there today also. Cheers Felix
  23. Trev, I have also to get fuel... So soon as Sparky and Tracy arrives, we will head over your way...
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