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  1. Hi Chris(internets), I see you moved up to the Exige S, nice! What happened to the Evora?
  2. a bunch of old blokes standing around in the rain! How British Hiya mates!
  3. Hiya mate! Yes same colour A68 Pacific Blue. Love the colour!
  4. fsrowsell


  5. Great Trev! Working hard on the car all winter! Took the car apart and prepped her for paint. She gets a complete respray tomorrow. Then comes the big job of putting her back together
  6. Just found this topic! NL has a population of around 500K with a land mass the size of Great Britain. For a Lotus owner, it is very lonely here, but the people I do meet love the car have have lots of questions about her! Advantage: Yes I know were I live
  7. Run the Rock car rally in Newfoundland Canada. 1500kms in 24 hours
  8. Had no problems fitting it with engine in car.
  9. Don't let the cat out, mate! The engine is just about ready to go back in...just need the main itean from the UK
  10. Sparky, I'm always learning Your never to old to learn!
  11. I have lots of moose stuff in the garage for emergencies!
  12. Welcome to the forum Oliver! Nice to see another Canadian on here. There are not many Esprits around our area(Eastern Canada) for sure. Maybe doing a run to NB this summer, if you want to meet up in the middle somewhere, let me know. Cheers Felix
  13. fsrowsell


    P BLUE, all the way!!!
  14. Read This write up...
  15. Here you go Dr. Speed I would go for the SC myself! What part of Canada do you live in?
  16. Cheers, mates! The paint shop did say, that I would not notice the difference in colour over all.
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