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  1. Wow! I got one window out this evening... It took little over two hours and lots of cooking oil... I found my main tool of choice was my bread knife...
  2. Will, I decided I would tackle my quarter windows while the weather is nice
  3. Thanks Dave for a fantastic day
  4. Clif, if it's not too late... Myself and the wife would also like to join everyone... 15&16 Felix & Denise Cheers
  5. Sorry Dave, I'm in France that weekend.... See you tomorrow. Cheers Felix
  6. I noticed that as will Allen and that would drive me crazy every time I looked at it. Yet most people would not notice it.... Cheers
  7. Thankds Chris(internets) for leaning a hand in bleeding my lines... All back together now with nice clean fluid. I will test the brakes tomorrow before the next road trip, just in case.... Cheers Felix
  8. Thanks mate, what time can you come over?... Yes, I read the write up on LEW... Lots of info there for sure..
  9. Thanks Andy, I will take that into consideration.... Chris, your bleeder won't work on my Bake Master unit... Thanks anyway. I will just run clean fluid through untill all line are bleeding clear fluid. Cheers Felix
  10. Good day everyone, I just finished installing new S/S flex brakes lines on my car and want to flush out the lines before I put new fluid back in and bleed the system. Is there a special way to flush out the old brake fluid? Or do I just have to let gravity bleed the fluid out and clean out the master and replace with new clean fluid, then bleed. Cheers
  11. Happyy Birthday, old man...
  12. Mine won't be in Canada until 2012, when I return to Canada...
  13. Glad to hear it Chris.... Be nice to see her go down the motorway on Saturday.... Cheers
  14. Great time and nice to meet up with everyone again... new mates! I got there a little after 6PM and Chris(internets) was already there!!! Nice night out....
  15. I'm in... 1: Cliff (gghc87) 2: sparky 3: fsrowsell (Felix)
  16. Sorry, no lotus for me this time. There was 4 of us on my team
  17. Back from the Germany with liver in tack.... ready for Wednesday Night....
  18. Glad to see her back Wookie... Cheers
  19. Great stuff Sparky... I'm of to Germany/Belgium Golfing on Thursday morning and will be back on Sunday.... It's rough but that
  20. Glad to hear they arrived... I took another turn of on the Master push road nut and it seems to be ok now... I also reattached the reverse stop on the shifter... It is cracked real bad and I don't think it will last much longer. I think I might have to fab something up to replace it. I don't think you can buy the peace anymore...
  21. 1 & 2. Bibs & Laura 3 & 4. sparky & Tracy 5. matk 6. Kimbers 7 & 8 Dave & Megan 9 & 10. Paul & Sarah 11 RobertC 12 simonf + wifey and screaming brats 13 Yasuo 14 fsrowsell
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