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  1. Does anyone know the the mixing formula for A68 - Pacific Blue paint. In Canada the paint shops do not have Lotus colours in their charts of colours I am wanting to do some respraying and want to keep the Pacific Blue colour. They have scanned a body panel and go it with in 3%. It's not perfect and I was just wondering if anyone new the exact formula for the colour? Cheers Felix
  2. Sparky, as a matter of fact, I did have one last winter!! I should of took a picture. It was my back door from my garage!! I'll take a picture this year. It's great, the rum don't freeze but beer do!
  3. Mines been running great all summer! Put allot of miles on her this year.
  4. Trev, you can try one on my old girl!!! Come on over and we can install it together. Maybe you bring along Sparky and internet
  5. That's right Spary!! Newfoundland it is... Lot's of Pyrat and English Harbour RUM!! You can stock up here, no problem unless we drink it all
  6. Here's one in Richmond, BC Maybe they just sell Lotus parts, but I thought there was a dealer in Vancouver area...
  7. OK Watford Exotics! I have an hole in my Rad that needs mending... Do you offer mobile service?
  8. Happy Birthday, mate. Hope you had a great day!!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATEY!!! I could of swore that you where older then me!
  10. Myself, I love the High Wing SE, I also like the looks of the S300 and the S4S performance. That's why I mixed all three together to get my dream car. Love driving it, but where I live now. Most people don't even know what a Lotus is! but they do love the look and sound of the car!
  11. Chris, your going somewhere foreign! Would that be Canada! Can't make the Ace, so I will jut go to my local A&W for a burger! Have fun!!
  12. Great to see you back Christopher!! If you ever come to Newfoundland. Look me up Felix
  13. HiYa mate, do miss hanging around Watford and the Ace for sure... All is well he in the great white North! Still have the car on the road and I'm planing on taking her on a long trip next week to the east coast of Newfoundland. Leaving today to go in to Woods to get my Moose!! Meat for the winter! I'm glade Sparky resided to share... you know him, a little dodgey sometimes
  14. And some moved out of Country!!! The gull
  15. I added the Anti-slosh device to mine and it only lasted 2 yrs. My fuel gauge stopped working and when I removed the device it worked again. I thought it was just a ground problem first, but that was not the case, it was the device. It was great while it work!
  16. Love Newfoundland Dog!! a little bias there just the same... We have a Savannah Cat
  17. I also never seen that before! Mine just had the sleeve over the screw. I just finished adjusting mine because it was reading 85 and it's at 28! What a difference in performance and smoothness
  18. Yes, I also thought it was strange for a python to just constrict two children and that's it!... There's definitely more to then that!
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