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  1. I'm in 1. Dave and Megan 2.Jimjitsu 3. Felix & Denise
  2. Sparky, thanks for the help with adjusting my clutch.... I just need to adjust it a little more because she still slips in 5th on the motorway when I press the peddle a little.... Cheers Mate
  3. Great fun today Sparky... Sorry no parts arrived today, but look at all the cleaning you got done! Poor wookie up to his eye balls in grease
  4. I'm in Bibs... The Missus gave me the OK and said it was my Birthday gift!!! Cheers Felix
  5. Sparky, if I can help in anyway let me know..... I'll pop by now and then for a cup and to check and see how things are going.... also. Cheers Mate Felix
  6. It was nice to meet you and your wife today Gavman... It was also nice to see Sparky out and about again... Cheers Felix
  7. Sorry not me today.... but I did meet someone at Donington with one just like mine... not to far from me...
  8. That is great news Sparky!! In deed it is a nice to to work on your own car.... Who knows maybe someone will drop by to to say hello and point at you.... Cheers Mate
  9. Dave, I helped Chris(internets) do his and right after that I took mine off and replaced it with not problems
  10. Sounds great!!! I like Airplanes and Cars....
  11. I agree with Sparky... Cambelt change is not has difficult as it sounds... I did my own for the first time and it was not that bad of a deal
  12. Trevor, I should be able to make that one them... If the weather is OK, I'll pop by on Sunday at the Pub... Cheers Felix
  13. Sorry Guys, this will be my second miss at ACE Cafe... I'm of to Gemany Golfing that weekend.... Cheers Felix Will there be a meet this sunday at Little Green Man?... I think that is the name of the pub..
  14. Hi Dave, I would be interested in this as will.... I'm planning on geting my car resprayed before go back to Canada.... Cheers
  15. This sounds interesting!!! If Sparky and Trevor don't mine me following them down and back...... Cheers Felix
  16. A, Kimbers are you sure that was my pint? I must have been a little tipsier then I thought
  17. It was a brilliant drive up the M1 guys.. Thanks Kimbers for the escort... Nice carpet Dave... Cheers Felix
  18. Dave, I also have a delet Cat pipe from SJ's and I've removed the EBVP also. I pluged the pipe and also disconnected my trottle Jack and pluged it at source, because my car was reving high on startup sometimes because I had no EBVP connected to the exhaust... Cheers Felix
  19. We had a fantastic time at our first Donington
  20. OK sounds fine, count me in -- 1. Bibs 2. Dermot 3. Paul C 4. internets 5. Andy Clements 6. matk 7. steve15 (Steve Leaver) 8. fsrowsell (Felix)
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