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  1. I ended up replacing the front left aluminum pipe. It was full of holes, so I fab'd another one out of 15mm pipe. Now everything works brilliantly
  2. Sparky, sorry to hear you can not make it...we'll miss you... I'll have a couple for you.... See you around 11'ish Kimbers Felix
  3. Thanks Travis, after looking at the Chargecooler system in the Service notes. I thought that's what I would have to do next... Thanks again for your input... Cheers Felix
  4. Today I decided to change out my Charge Cooler pump for an electric pump...I thought everything was find with my old pump, but wanted the electric... When I took the old pump off what a surprise! It was in very bad shape as you can see from the picture... No problem, I put my plug in and decided to flush the system... but I can not get a water flow in any direction... It seems it's blocked solid... Any tips on who to get it unblocked without taking the Rad out... I have hooked a garden holes up to the system in both directions, but I'm afraid to put too much pressure in the system. I don't want to split the rad...
  5. I've never done this before, but sounds very interesting... I think I will give it a try...
  6. That is very strange Chris, I just read the entire procedure for removing the body and replacing the body in the Lotus Service Notes and no where it says the torque specs for the 12 bolts
  7. I am also very interested in learning FreeScan...
  8. Dave, I would be very interested in learning more about Freescan....
  9. fsrowsell

    Saturday night

    We are also in....
  10. WOW! how did you do that.... You still tired mate.... It was great meeting up old friends and meeting new people today....
  11. I'll do that you you mate!! Get well soon.... O' and 10 hours to put four belts on.... Don't tell Chris.... ah ah
  12. Sparky, glad your OK and you still have your sense of humor in tack
  13. Excellant Trev, glad you have her back on the road... See you Sunday.
  14. I also didnot have a problem with Steve's line... He just asked what size bore my Master was... Everything fitted perfect...
  15. OK I have a problem with my engine when I initially start the engine up. It will run for about one minute then stall
  16. Thoughs are great looking wheels!!... Felix
  17. I'm not sure myself... This will be my first time going(new exprit owner)... I'm looking forward to meeting new people who own Esprits and seeing some beautiful Cars. Plus what ever else I can learn and see there....
  18. fsrowsell


    Happy Birthday Mark... Have a great day!
  19. Great!! will you be going back at her again this weekend? I'm around if you want company... Cheers Felix
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