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  1. Welcome Roddy, I just live in Uxbridge... Hope to meet you and your car on the 5th Apr... Felix
  2. Trevor, this sounds great! It's only 6.5 miles from my house... I don't see why I can't make it there on the 5th... Felix
  3. I'm up for this Trevor. Sounds like a nice day out. Trevsked Internets Sparky Dave Freeman Esprit S2 (Paul Baxter) fsrowsell (Felix)
  4. WOW!! This great... walking distance from my house....
  5. Yes, it is possable for me to meet up in South Mimms... Anyone else from London area?
  6. Great turn out guys!! Sorry I missed it... Now, all I have to do it get a blood transfusion
  7. 1) Alex --GT3-- 2&3) Paul C 'n' Vicki 4) Ian - mayesprit (Sunday only) 5) Mark B (Sunday only) 6) matk 7) Kimbers (Sat/Sunday) 8) GGHC87 9) Yasuo 10) Robert Crooks 11&12) Ade & Gina (not sure when yet) 13&14) Paul & Sarah Fri/Sat/Sun 15) Martyn 16&17) OwenGT3 + One (Sunday only) 18&19) Hopo + some floosy (Sat or Sun) Maybe both 20&21) Sparky & Tracy Sat/Sun 22&23) Matt & Jo (Sat evening & Sunday) 24&25) Tobi, Sell, Calypso 26&27) Mark & Sandra (LooseCannon) Sat only 28) Dragi, Sat only - my daughter Jenny-Loraine has First Communion on Sunday 29) Bazza 907 30&31) GC1 + 1 Sat Only. 32&33) Jukka & Sissi Fri/Sat/Sun- hope to find something to do on Mon-Tue 34, 35 & 36) purza + 2 kids (sunday only) hopefully 37&38) Simon & Lisa 39&39)karl & justine (sunday only for a quick look) 40&41) felix and the Missess will be there Sat-Sun
  8. 1: GGHC87 2: obione 3. matk 4. Bazza 907 (Could take Matk) 5. Alex-GT3- 6. sparky 7. wookie 8. Officer Dibble aka Buzz Lightyear 9 & 10. GC1+ 1 11. RobertC 12. Felix Sounds like fun.... Sparky, do you want to travel up together?
  9. Me and the Mrs got our self a nice Deluxe double Room for the 18th!!! looking forward in meeting up with everyone....
  10. fsrowsell

    Saturday night

    1 & 2: Bibs & Laura 3: GGHC87 4: Kimbers 5: Yasuo 6 & 7: Paul C & Vicki 8: Matk 9: Robert Crooks 10: Alex 11 & 12: Paul & Sarah 13: Martyn 14 & 15: Jukka & Sissi 16 & 17: Matt & Jo 18 & 19: Simon & Lisa 20 & 21: Sparky & Tracy 22 & 23: Chris + Sam 24: Bazza 907 25: James (Tentenths) 26.&27: Felix & the Mrs!
  11. When I took my old one off... It was attached with pop rivits and a little bit of Glass fibre resin around each rivit. For the front I will use something with larger holes in it, for better air flow like Dave said...
  12. Last night I decided to change out my old wire mesh from my rear bumper.Even after painting it , it still looked bad
  13. Yes, I used this guide and I am very happy with my Vacuum reading and boost reading...
  14. That should be your barometric presure sensor, which is next to your MAP sensor. Your Map should have a tube coming from it, but not your Batometic sensor...
  15. Sorry guys, love to, but I will be in Ireland for St. Paddy's week!!! I'll catch up with you guys the next time... Dave, did you get your slave, all sorted out?
  16. Chris(internets) and I had a great couple of hour taking with Sparky this afternoon. I needed to do a test drive for my new Clutch master kit install. She feels real nice... Thanks Sparky for having us by this afternoon.... Love talking about cars! Cheers Felix
  17. fsrowsell


    Welcome Sue, my only wish is... someday get my wife will be interested in cars... and maybe come along with me for ride.... Have fun! Felix
  18. Dave, I would cut the nut off the adjuster and then remove the adjuster. Then buy a new adjuster bolt, nut, and slave... That way things are new and you can do the proper 12mm adjustment recommended in the service manual. My philosophy is do it the proper way the first time... saves time at the end. Felix
  19. Excellent Dave!!! looking forward to seeing your car at the next meet...
  20. I built two Countach Kit Cars in Canada and I would not touch this one with a 10 ft poll....
  21. Dave, your car is looking real nice!!.... Can't wait to see it up close at our next meet... Trevor when is our next meet?
  22. Bibs, you been looking on my Facebook photos.....
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