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  1. Will I think I have everything cleared up.... I found my Service Notes and read through the section on the Clutch... The first thing I noticed was the Locknut was on the wrong side of the release fork on the adjuster. I moved it to the correct side and measured of 12MM, according to the Manual. I then checked to see if my clutch would engage with the engine running, but no joy... The next step was to check the play in the pedal... The Manual said the pedal should just touch the carpet or 2-5MM from the GRP. My pedal was a long ways of from touching the carpet, so I adjusted that... Next I decided to bleed the system again with a little help from my daughter pushing the pedal to the floor while I worked the bleed nipple... After that it was time for a test run... I found no slippage at all, so I'm glad I don't have to get a new clutch just yet.... Thanks everyone for their input. Felix
  2. Thanks, I will try a few other things tomorrow... It was strange... when I adjusted at the slave end to about 5mm. The clutch would engage very nicely and could shift through all the gears smoothly as will. .. But while driving along and hit the pedal, the clutch would slept and the engine would just rev until I slacked off. I also tried it at 10mm's before that and the clutch would not engage in any of the gears.. Maybe I have air in the line and is notpushing the rod forward far enough... I will check that as will... Or maybe it was a bad clutch that was put in... I will play more tomorrow... Thanks Felix
  3. I'm waiting approval from Trevor.... Then I'm in!!
  4. Thanks Marcus, yes I am sure about the new clutch.. I have a copy of the invoice from the PO... It was done by Track V Road LTD out of Clitheroe. The Clutch kit was part #PNMQ0014. I will recheck the adjustment/specs also... but I am also leaning towards a worn clutch disk.... Cheers
  5. Good day everyone, as some of you may recall during our Sunday meet/drive, I had bad redline syndrome
  6. Yes, thanks to Bibs I do have a few cards that he gave out during our meet on Sunday.... Will off we go... Just got back... Andre didn't get his Mini and the Lotus had a provisional of
  7. I will be there this afternoon with a friend, who is looking at a Mini.... I will be checking her out for sure.... Anyone want me to look at anything in particular? Felix
  8. Great pictures.... and allot of fun! except for my Clutch Redline Syndrome... That's why today the redline comes off and the new S/S Braded lines goes on... This will make for a more pleasurable drive with you guys..... Thanks for having me along Felix
  9. Hi Guys/Gals, had a great time today and it was sure a pleasure to meet everyone... So, when is the next one!.... I think I'm hooked... I just have to fix my Clutch Redline problem. That will be a project for this week... Later Felix I thought I would post a couple of pictures from the pictures I took...
  10. The Big day! Time to go and meet up with Chris (interests)...
  11. I'm back from Canada and I'm ready the the big meet... Just installed my new S/S sports exhaust from SJ's and I'm looking forward to trying it out tomorrow... Interests and I will be arriving togethyer in our cars....
  12. I'm off to Canada today and will be back on Saturday... So, I will check to see if the date is changed or not. I know I'm looking forward to my first Meet... But I'm also flexable. Felix
  13. That's the one that was on ebay three weeks ago and went for, I think around
  14. Doyle, this is the exactly the same thing that happened to my boost gauge... The transducer was bad, so I ended up replacing mine with a mechanical gauge and I am very happy with it...
  15. Welcome Jollyrogers, just make sure you do a little reading up importing cars into Canada.... see link
  16. Be nice to see another highwing there...
  17. I have the same car and my boost guage went on mine... the needle would go all the way to the right when I turned the key on. I ended up replaceing mine with a mechancial guage from VDO. Now I can see my Vacuum and boost reading from my guage....
  18. Felix Rowsell Uxbridge, UK ( for the next four years, then moving back to Canada) 1992 SE high Wing SCC082910NHA60079
  19. Thanks Sanj, I found a "T" at halfords today and hooked it up to the MAP line and now I'm reading 12"....
  20. Bibs, I would love to vist the old factory... I'm new to the Lotus world and I want to learn all I can about this great car (Company)... I meet internets (Chris) Sunday afternoon and had a great talk with him... He has a beautiful GT3...
  21. If anyone is up to a nice run in their Car.... A few of us are meeting up in South Mimms on the 8th. You more then welcome to join us.... Felix
  22. Thanks Sanj, so you think hooking it up to my Boost gauge transducer line coming from the intake is not has good as the line from the MAP sensor.... What kind of Vacuum reading do you get of your gauge, when you tap the gas peddle? I bought the same setup as you... Thanks Felix
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