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  1. I'm just in the process of hooking up a VDO Mechanical Boost Gauge and want to know here other people who have do it hooked their Vacuum line up to? I was thinking of hooking mine up to the Boost Gauge Transducer line... Any suggestions?
  2. I might be interested as will... I also have an SE...
  3. 1. Bibs 2. Martyn 3. Felix Hey Internets sounds great... just don't drive to fast... I'm still tring to get use to drive over here... ah ah... Were abouts in Ruislip do you live?
  4. Excellent! just give me a time and Post code for my Sat Nav and I will be there... I have not been over that way yet, but I'm sure I'll be able to find it....
  5. South Mimms is 30 Mins from me... I'm in... Looking forward in meeting other Esprit owners... Felix
  6. I live on Fairfield road, Uxbridge. Yesterday when I droved up my street. A house about 1 block up had his garage door open and it loooked like a white S2 cover up inside, along with allot of other stuff...
  7. Hi Ricky, I'm also a new esprit owner and new to the UK... I live in Uxbridge of the A40... It would be great to meet up with other Lotus owner in our area. I know I have seen other esprits around my area as will.... Felix
  8. Thanks Sanj, I'll go ahead and hook up may Mechanical gauge...
  9. Good day, does anyone have a spare Transducer that are willing to sell me? I live in Uxbridge. Thanks Felix
  10. Will it looks like my Boost gauge transducer is toast... I was planning on replacing my Gauge with a mechanical one anyway... My question now is; do I need the Boost transducer when I'm running a Mechanical Gauge?
  11. I just finished putting my binnacle back on and I checked all the gauges and everything look great under there... So my next step is to find the Boost Gauge Sender. Anyone know where I might find this sender on my 92 SE? Is it the same as my Boost Gauge transducer? Thanks
  12. I don't get a great lot of heat... Lets say if I were living back home in Canada right now... I would not be driving my car in the negative outside temperatures... It
  13. Thanks Paul, I took my Binnacle off today, because I wanted repair the wood finish... I had a good look around the connecters and everything seems to look really good. It was very clean under there... So, I'm thinking that it as something to do with my Boost gauage transducer??? Thant was the only other thing that I was playing around with and maybe it has nothing to do with what I was doing... Who knows...
  14. Gary on my SE I also had no heat and what I did to fix mine was... I back flushed the Heater system... I hooked a garden hose up to the return heater line and unhooked the going to line . Place the going to line in a tub, so I could see what was coming out of the heater matrix. I got all kinds of stuff coming out of there. Sand, sute and muddy water... After the water coming out of the going to line was clear... I flushed the remaining of the coolent system and replaced it with nice clean coolent and now I have heat....
  15. We watched 7 Bond Films over the Hoidays!! and thanks for the heads up... It's on right now and that is one of the movies we could not find at Blockbusters...
  16. Interesting.... Not a problem, I had my MOT done this morning and the only thing that they could find wrong was a small leak in the muffler. I check the PO's last MOT from last year and it looks like he had a hole patched, so that hole must be starting to open up again. I had plans on replacing my exhaust system this summer anyway... It was funny they had my car in the shop for 1.5 hours.... I don
  17. Thanks Guys... this is my first MOT in the UK. Will give it a try. Happy New Year and Happy Motoring! Felix
  18. Good day, I am in need of a spare tyre for my MOT which is coming up soon... My PO must of removed the spare before I picked the car up last month. Did not notice it until I started my MOT checks. So, if anyone in the Uxbridge any have one for sale please contact me. Thanks Felix
  19. Good day everyone, I just finished replacing all my Vacuum lines elbows with silicone tube for better seal... One of the reasons for doing this is I had no heat coming from my heater and Mark T-C suggested to check my vacuum lines... I found that this was not my problem, but a clogged heater matrix, because after back flushing the system. I now have heat!... My problem now is when I start the car, my Boost needle goes all the way to the right and stays there.... Did I do something while fixing my vacuum lines? Thanks
  20. Thanks, I have been looking for an article on my 92 High Wing... Appreciate it. Felix
  21. Welcome Steve... The only Hybrid I know of so far is Hilly'a. He did an Audi V8 transplant.... see link Good luck, it sounds like an exciting project. Felix
  22. Welcome Jase, I'm also a proud new owner... Presently I'm working on getting my heater to give me heat. I just finished this weekend back flushing the heater and Man was it dirty... Hoping this will fix my problem... Felix
  23. Thanks Bibs, that looks nice... As soon as I get my my heater problem solved I will be getting one of those.... Thanks Felix
  24. You wouldn't happen to have a picture of this oil catch tank, would you?
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