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  1. Love Newfoundland Dog!! a little bias there just the same... We have a Savannah Cat
  2. I also never seen that before! Mine just had the sleeve over the screw. I just finished adjusting mine because it was reading 85 and it's at 28! What a difference in performance and smoothness
  3. Yes, I also thought it was strange for a python to just constrict two children and that's it!... There's definitely more to then that!
  4. Chris, I would love to,mate! I know you always have a spare sit for me...
  5. Dave, this is a fantastic trip! I did a tour with the Belgium Lotus club out of Ypres and I had a brilliant time!! I meet up with some great people there and it was well organized. The scenery going around the county roads with a hundred Lotus cars was fantastic! The local people loved seeing all the cars drive by. The Somme’s is also a beautiful area for a great drive through the country side and like you said a chance to see the battle fields If I was still over in the UK Dave, I would be with you in a heart beat, mate. Cheers Felix
  6. Great pictures, Chris. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Chris, you sound like me... Afraid to bring the car out in the rain!!
  8. I left comments, but no replies! I gest they are to hard at work...
  9. Dave, don't forget to post the link to the live feed!! I like to watch!
  10. No they are the original. They are straight, but need to be refurbished to make then new again. I replaced them with OZ Futures. I'm just getting her ready for her first summer in Canada! Looking for to driving her again! Felix
  11. Sorry, just saw your post... I have the front and rear for the SE, but I live in NFLD Felix
  12. I'm going to miss this one mate You guys have fun and don't give Chris any ice cream! lol
  13. I think it was the highwing that got the attention!
  14. Wishing you all the best, mate!!
  15. Can't make it this year, but maybe next year!!!
  16. That's myself talking to Henry!! around the 1:30 mark... and my High Wing a little later on, after the arrival of sparky!
  17. Bring it on!!! Brother and I were out sleding today!
  18. Very interesting Dave! I do like the second diffuser... You do have me thinking as well now! I do have long winter months with nothing to do but ski and snowmobiling Felix
  19. Pat, I did catch myself a couple of times driving on the left side!!
  20. Great one Bibs... no worries about going of the road!
  21. I'm sure it will... We'll be thinking about her, mate
  22. Chris, stop by anytime for a beer! I also have Leffe!
  23. Last night snow fall!! Newfoundland beer cooler!!
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