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  1. Safe in my garage!!! The only damage is, my hand brake does not work anymore!! I will have to take a look
  2. Bibs, you are funny mate!! A noon is NL(Newfoundland) Is indeed in order!
  3. Just received a call from the moving company, say my car just arrived and I am to clear customs in the morning. Then I can take her home! Very excited, indeed!
  4. Never say never mate!, I'm only a hop and a skip across the pond!! My door is always open to anyone who wishes to visit. Cheers Felix
  5. Hi Dave, yes I will be there tomorrow morning... Last run in the car before she's shipped to Canada.
  6. I think you need to check the resistance in the O2 sensor. When I had a bad O2 sensor. It would bog out on the motorway. I would have to pump the peddle to get it back again. I know you are not getting a code for the O2, just the same! In deed it is a mystery! Good luck mate, I know to will figure it out or die trying...
  7. Happy Birthday Chris!! Yes Sparky it was a brilliant even/night with best mates! You guys are making it hard for us to leave in Sept.
  8. Nice pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Looks like I missed a nice day out
  9. Mark, you are being modest! Even if you do not have papers, I have seen your work and it is top shelf mate. Also I have seen peoples work that have the proper paperwork and wouldn't bring my lawnmower to them to get fixed.... Felix
  10. A beautiful car you have there Francesco!! and yea Dave did an excellent job for sure. Will you be importing the car to Canada? I'm moving back to Canada in Sep and will be taking my Esprit back with me. I'm moving to the East coast, but you never know I might make a trip up to TO one day... Cheers Felix
  11. Hi Pat sounds great. but I don't know my car will be in Canada by then... I will be moving to Newfoundland, but planning on doing some traveling around to different events. Maybe not this summer, but hoping next summer for sure!! Cheers Felix
  12. fsrowsell


    I agree Tony!! from were I was it was brilliant! I meet people from all over the world and everyone said. The Royal family is what they think of as been a large part of what the UK stands for...
  13. Luke, I replaced all four corners with AVO's a couple of years ago, but I am not happy with them at all. With in the first year one developed a leak, so I sent it back for a rebuilt from the manufacture at no cost, because it was with in one year warranty. My biggest dislike about them is that they squeak if you increase the dampness about half of the clicks that it can go. It is driving me mad!!, because I like the setting I have on them for driving, but every time I go over a little bump it squeaks loudly!! When I decrease the dampness the squeak goes away! I'm thinking of replacing them with Spax's. I have heard good things about them, so may give them a try or go insane with the squeaking!!.
  14. Sorry mate I'm over on the Continent until Tuesday
  15. My favourite was the 65 GT500!! Sad indeed!
  16. Excellent news Christopher!! Now when will you be driving to Newfoundland? Cheers Felix
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