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  1. That's myself talking to Henry!! around the 1:30 mark... and my High Wing a little later on, after the arrival of sparky!
  2. Bring it on!!! Brother and I were out sleding today!
  3. Very interesting Dave! I do like the second diffuser... You do have me thinking as well now! I do have long winter months with nothing to do but ski and snowmobiling Felix
  4. Pat, I did catch myself a couple of times driving on the left side!!
  5. Great one Bibs... no worries about going of the road!
  6. I'm sure it will... We'll be thinking about her, mate
  7. Chris, stop by anytime for a beer! I also have Leffe!
  8. Last night snow fall!! Newfoundland beer cooler!!
  9. Don't worry mate, you can drink as much as you want here! There's more then two here!
  10. lmao !! Good eyes Bibs! There are empty bottles of English Harbour (I can buy local) in the garage! This is just the begining of the winter season! More to come...
  11. Trev, you come and vist and can eat all the Lobster you can eat! Yes, as you can see from the picture! You will have to wait until the thaw in the spring to see her on the road. She is nice and tucked away out of the weather, while the other two have to bear the snow and cold winter!
  12. Dave, yes we are all settled in! First winter in 13 yrs !!! having lots of fun! The same guys did mine as will.
  13. I'll meet you in St. John's in the Esprit! The girls can go in the Audi
  14. Hi Trev! Yes I am still hanging around the forum! My car is safely tucked away in my garage for the long cold winter! She id nice and worm and dry while outside the garage there is 5 feet of snow and -22C temps!!! With the wind. The Ski Mountain is great just the same! I have done allot of work to the car while I was living in Uxbridge... But finally before I left to come back to Canada I did get the look I was looking for... - I replaced the wheels with S4S wheels - Upgraded the front brakes with larger disks and Austin Martin Brembo Calipers - I like itloud, so I added the duel quick silver exhaust system - and as you can see from the pics I added the S300 body kit to top it of. There are allot of other little things also I did to the car before shipping it back to Canada. These are the end result...
  15. I also did mine to the S4S spec's and was very happy with the results!
  16. Sparky, you never know what is lurking around the corner!! Watch where you step, mate ! Canada, as it stands, is very healthy Counrty financially!
  17. Here's Denise's Chevy!! Note it is yellow and also dirty! What is it about yellow cars!
  18. You all know I can't be replaced!! Trev, are you guys coming over this winter to go skiing? Do miss all the street action in Watford on a Saturday!
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