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  1. Another one in Canada!! To bad it's 6000 Km's away!
  2. Love to mate! You never know I might show up on a Wednesday night sometime!!
  3. Sparky, your in the wrong St. John's mate! If you were in NL, I would of been over to visit for sure... It's only 8 hours ways! Every time I have the car parked in the drive... The local law enforcement, cycle around like vultures...waiting for me to make a mistake... Like break the speed limit!! You know I wouldn't do that I've been told by a member of the British car club that there is an S3 in Nova Scotia So, I will have to make contact for sure!
  4. Have fun tomorrow night!! The Highwing is hibernating for the winter!
  5. There's allways St.John's Newfoundland, mate!!
  6. Cheers mate, will do... Oct is a little late for me to travel that far. With my luck I'll hit a snow storm! Felix
  7. Cheers Elis, are you in the TO area? I'm looking to do a run somewhere this summer and hoping to meet up with other Lotus owners
  8. Safe in my garage!!! The only damage is, my hand brake does not work anymore!! I will have to take a look
  9. Bibs, you are funny mate!! A noon is NL(Newfoundland) Is indeed in order!
  10. Just received a call from the moving company, say my car just arrived and I am to clear customs in the morning. Then I can take her home! Very excited, indeed!
  11. Never say never mate!, I'm only a hop and a skip across the pond!! My door is always open to anyone who wishes to visit. Cheers Felix
  12. Hi Dave, yes I will be there tomorrow morning... Last run in the car before she's shipped to Canada.
  13. I think you need to check the resistance in the O2 sensor. When I had a bad O2 sensor. It would bog out on the motorway. I would have to pump the peddle to get it back again. I know you are not getting a code for the O2, just the same! In deed it is a mystery! Good luck mate, I know to will figure it out or die trying...
  14. Happy Birthday Chris!! Yes Sparky it was a brilliant even/night with best mates! You guys are making it hard for us to leave in Sept.
  15. Nice pictures!! Thanks for sharing. Looks like I missed a nice day out
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