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  1. Excellent news Christopher!! Now when will you be driving to Newfoundland? Cheers Felix
  2. Mark, how about West, Central, and East
  3. 1. obione 2. mattthesparks etc etc 3. sparky (anyone got a spare cable tie?) 4. PFD (Yes I have.) 5. fsrowsell ( should be back from Germany by then)
  4. Does that mean your a millionaire!!!
  5. II just pd an original lotus o2 sensor from SJ's web site and what I received was a DELPHI ES10057. It seems to work great so far...
  6. Anson, was nice meeting you Sunday! Happy shopping!
  7. Sparky, made it home with no troubles in the stopping department. It was a smooth ride to boot. The little adjustment worked it's magic! I can't believe that the famous Sparky showed up at a meet with not tools!! Thanks to Alan for his supply of misc. tools we made it work... It was great seeing most of you... Cheers Felix
  8. Trev, you guys gave me until mid month to sort my brakes and that's what I did! I'm all ready to run with wolves again!
  9. All done and working great, thanks to Martin!! Your right Martin, why would I need to bypass the ABS when I do not have ABS any more! I will just pull the bulb.
  10. Did it about a year ago and I am still happy with the results Cheers
  11. Kam and John, what part of the country are you guys from? 1. zipbyu 2. andrewp 1989 3. OnAir 4. fsrowsell 5. Mesprit87 6. Mityrare 7. aerobat 8. Kam 9. MD911
  12. Jim, my thoughts also... So, I made up three more and now I get a flashing ABS light!. At lease the steady light on is gone and now just flashes.
  13. I'm just finishing up my master/servo conversion. All is well so far, but I am still getting the ABS light on all the time. I made the resistors as per LEWs instructions and installed hem on the three connectors. Is there something else that needs to be disconnected?
  14. lol, I would say the db's cracked the windscreen! The only winged car... sad!
  15. Made it home OK! Great day lads! It was a great trip around the M25.... Only saw 1 MG!
  16. BloodyHill,its1am and I just finish spit shining mine! I can let Chris show me of!
  17. WOW!! I'm impressed... I never seen Chris' car so shinny! or is that Chris' car?
  18. Pal, nice to see another CANADIAN!! on TLF I'm headed back to NL this Sep with my Esprit. My wife is from the Miramichi What part of NB are you located? Felix
  19. Yes Trev, your right as usual... Tom was the Cat! He keep the rat problem under control...
  20. Just call him Admiral Nelson! or just Tom...
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