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  1. Sparky man, your going to have to buy the Newfoundland Dictionary It means, I'm bring a friend along for a ride. He wants to see some different Lotus cars. So, hopefully there will be a good turnout Wednesday evening at the Ace.
  2. 1/Trevsked (Sport 350) 2/ Malcolm 3/Pete (with new MOT) 4/fsrowsell (with a ride along)
  3. Christopher, I do hope you guys are planning a trip North!! I also would love to plan a trip South... Funny thing is... my ears were burning for some reason beyond my understanding! I thought it was the weather, but know I know the truth! lol
  4. Glad you guys have a great time! It's nice to know my American cousins took great care you! Well done!
  5. Hiya mate, a friend of mine back home is thinking about buying it. What do you think? Is it work the money?
  6. A friend of mine is interested in this Elise for sale on PH. Does anyone know anything about her?
  7. i would think the MGs would be in the inside lane... Isn't there max speed 50MPH?
  8. I'm in!! 1. sparky - funny colour GT3 2. The Don - Sport 350 or maybe a G something 3. internets - common GT3 4. fsrowsell - New looking Highwing
  9. It is possible that, that was Trevor... He popped around to my house in Uxbridge for a visit.
  10. Found my glasses! I was told that I ran over them! I did hear a pop, but I thought it was something else.
  11. Great morning out! Nice to meet up with everyone. PS. If anyone finds a pear of Oakley sunglass, they are mine. I loss them in the car park this morning. Cheers Felix
  12. 1. Bazza 2. Cliff (GGHC87) 3. Skiing 4. Roz 5 Phil 6. Malcolm Feth 7.fsrowsell
  13. 1. zipbyu 2. andrewp 1989 3. OnAir 4. fsrowsell 5.
  14. Yes, please Bibs... I'll be back home in Canada around md Sep!
  15. Congratulations old man!!! and also to Lindsay and Lee
  16. Sorry Da cannot make it either I will be flying to Ottawa that day... Cheers Felix
  17. Sparky, if your coming my way, I would love a ride in yellow bird!
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