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  1. It looks like he's referring to the rust around the end of the ARB itself. The ARB should slide fairly easily in/out of the bush when all is as it should be. It looks like yours is securely rusted in place. Do not just leave it in there and "paint around it"...
  2. lotus4s

    World Cup

    Congrats! Still pulling for your guys...👍
  3. lotus4s

    Time to start explaining

    FWIW Barry, On that silicone coolant hose below the ex cam pulley, I've found that the replacements we have here from JAE seem to be a little too long and trimming 6-8 mm off the water pump end allows a little more clearance of the pulley. Not sure if yours are the same there but worth a look...Jim
  4. IMHO, If the leads are old, don't bother wasting time trying to determine the correct resistance, just replace them with a set of quality leads.
  5. lotus4s

    Vegas Shootings

    This statement is totally false, neither LaPierre or anyone from the NRA has ever said anything even remotely similar to this quote. While this is a terrible, senseless tragedy and will certainly and deservedly result in more heated debate about gun control, it should not be exacerbated by spreading lies and slander against either side of the debate...
  6. lotus4s

    Essex Random Images.......

  7. lotus4s

    Florida category 5 hurricane

    That's pretty ingenious... We lost power about an hour ago but just moderate wind and rain so far.
  8. lotus4s

    Florida category 5 hurricane

    Great! I was a little concerned when I saw your pic and knew you must be right on the coast.
  9. lotus4s

    Florida category 5 hurricane

    Ian, Where are you in Fla? We'll be riding out the storm too here in Orlando...Good luck!
  10. lotus4s

    Camshaft question

    I'm not 100% sure but on the older 912 engines, weren't the camshafts and carriers the same parts for intake and exhaust?
  11. lotus4s

    I knew it was a bad idea...

    Good job Alan, glad it worked out for you!
  12. lotus4s

    Damage to cam follower bore

    Is that an indention into the bore wall? In your pic it almost looks like it's proud of the surface of the wall as if a stray piece of metal was mashed between the follower and bore...
  13. At the top bolt of the clutch cover (bell housing) buried under the wiring/hoses, see the green arrow