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  1. Russ, Having worked on quite a few 910 engines, I have never seen a blanking plug leak although it's certainly possible. I have seen a persistent small leak in that area at the corner where the cam tower meets the cylinder head just above that blanking plug. There is an oil feed roll-pin and o-ring at that area which I think causes the problem. Pulling the cam tower and re-sealing it correctly with a new o-ring will probably be the ultimate solution...
  2. RIP Roger, you will be missed greatly...
  3. Good work Chris, keep us posted on the progress. I'd like to see your new setup!
  4. You might as well replace the evaporator and heater matrix while you're there...
  5. Yes Ian, that is certainly a huge consideration. Since they are appointed for life, having a left or right leaning majority can shape the legal landscape on many controversial issues for a long time to come. Issues such as gun rights, abortion rights, moral/religious issues etc.
  6. No Bob, We haven't forgotten that he didn't supply his tax returns, we just don't care and it's not a requirement for the office. His company holdings both national and worldwide are widely known to the general public and you can be sure the IRS has been investigating him for decades and would have already castrated his golden jewels if they could have. It's also not a requirement that he sell off his businesses. How would it even be possible for him to sell off billions in assets in 60 days? He has divested himself and relinquished control which is the requirement. If you want to believe that he's taken on the enormous task of running for and being elected president solely for the purpose of personal financial gain, you are entitled to that misguided opinion. I do believe he loves America and his intentions are genuine. I don't necessarily agree with all his tactics and rhetoric, but do agree with his goals for the country and believe that he is bullheaded enough to accomplish them. As for the people he's putting in charge, the politicians have proved they can't run the country so why not try something different and let's see what some of the greatest and highly successful business minds might be able to offer. Running a country is not dissimilar to running a large global corporation, the same principles apply. If it doesn't work, I'll be the first to agree but he deserves a chance.
  7. lotus4s


  8. If you're referring to the lower links, I have resorted to using a large pipe wrench on the link and twisting it to align the holes. It works well but the metal teeth on the pipe wrench will mar the finish on the lower link. A piece of heavy rubber or similar non-slip material to put between the link and wrench will help prevent that.
  9. It's a PITA but very do-able on jackstands. I'd rather do that than replace the evaporator...
  10. Oh geez, it's going to be really hard to top Mark's first pic...
  11. Welcome and nice to see you over here Bob. Car looks great! Jim
  12. Flawed but with personality, soul and character... sounds familiar. Thanks for sharing that!
  13. And I suppose you guys think Hillary is the answer?
  14. Ian, Sorry to disagree but it's an accepted principle among auto a/c experts that a completely sealed shroud gives optimum air flow and pretty much all current auto a/c systems are designed that way. The benefits are most notable at low speed and idle conditions. Having openings around the fan will allow the fans to suck air from behind the rad and condenser instead of through it. Some shrouds are equipped with holes and rubber flaps behind them to open at high speed to allow for the addtional benefit of the ram air affect but cooling the engine and condenser are generally issues that are more problematic at low speeds and stop and go traffic. Cheers, Jim
  15. While certainly leaking window seals can be a problem, on the several S4 and S4s's that I have pulled rusty tanks from, the window seals were perfectly intact. It appeared that the water ingress was through holes in the body at the fuel filler. In the pics below there is evidence of water dripping on the mounting bracket for the tank cover which is directly below the fuel filler opening.
  16. Alex, not sure if your question was directed at me but this was the one I used. I would have gone with a longer one if I could have found one at the time. Edit for possible correction: I'm not 100% sure that I used a 12" tall unit. In my notes I referenced a 27" x 10.5" but the part # that I noted was for the 12" unit. It was 6 years ago now so my memory is a little foggy. If you are at a point where you can measure the radiator frame, you should be able to determine for sure by looking at the pic I posted above. Sorry for the confusion.
  17. Alex, not sure if your question was directed at me but this was the one I used. I would have gone with a longer one if I could have found one at the time and I'm sure you can find something comparable over there.
  18. Ian, It was definitely an improvement but it still struggled somewhat in the extreme heat. My thoughts were always that it was not because of the vent temps (they were good) but more due to needing more volume of air. I have contemplated trying to figure out how to get more out of the blower motor itself but alas, never made it that far as I sold that car a few months after completing it... to a guy in Canada. We speak occasionally and as far as I know it's still working fine. Ironically, the ac in my current S4s was not working when I got it and although I was able to get it working briefly, it has a massive refrigerant leak which I've traced to the evaporator and just haven't been able to talk myself into diving into that project yet. Fortunately, it's been cool enough here to drive without it the last couple of months but I'll have to do something soon. If you ever get anywhere near Orlando, please give me a shout as it would be great to meet you in person! Cheers, Jim
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