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  1. I remember when it was 35 degrees here one time....
  2. Ian, Your point about choked condensers is certainly valid and every Esprit will suffer with that problem at some point if the rad pack isn't dropped and cleaned regularly (royal PITA as you know) due to the ground level intake position, small opening size and very close spacing of the radiator fins which doesn't allow much debris to flow through. I think the difference in our opinions of the performance is relative to the climates we are used to. I've owned 5 Esprits and even when working properly, here in Florida where 95-100 degree temps are the norm during a good part of the year, none of them performed any better than what the local guys here would consider below average for a typical vehicle. The angle and large glass area of the windscreen generate so much radiant heat that you have to have a system designed with "overkill" in this car for these conditions, particularly after it's been sitting in a car park in the mid day sun and the cabin temps are 120 degrees. I guess it's all relative...
  3. As Andy has already said numerous times, one parallel flow condenser is a much better setup than the OEM 2 unit setup plumbed in parallel. I did this several years ago on my previous S4s with great results even though the off the shelf condenser I used was somewhat smaller, but much more efficient. Eliminating all the extra piping and just using standard ac hoses is a big plus. Ian, I think you asked in a previous thread about how to access the connection with it hidden behind the chargecooler, I installed the hose on the condenser first before the chargecooler was installed and the pack went back in the car. Here's a link with some good info from an auto ac site that I used to frequent at the time.
  4. 4 hours is actually pretty good for your first attempt and nice work on figuring out the fuel issues!
  5. Not sure how I missed this one! Huge Congrats to both of you and here's to wishing you all the best...
  6. I went through this a few years back with a previous S4s and opted to go with the single condenser after quite a bit of research. I was quite pleased with the resulting appearance and performance. There is more info here if interested:
  7. You are correct Michael and I've had the same complaint to myself since the switch over. I've just begrudgingly learned to live with it and keep pushing the "load more activity" button and keep scrolling down to get back to where I was as you say. One thing you can do is to right click on the ball on the thread you want to go to and "open link in new tab". Then read the new posts and close the tab but the original tab is still where you left it...I do that sometimes when I'm way down the list of the new content page.
  8. Something like this would work for you, you'd just have to work out the speed sensor (VSS) cruise control I can email you the installation file which has better pics if you like. Just PM me your email addy...
  9. Hard to tell from the pics but It looks like you just need to clock your turbo a little...
  10. If the cam belt is still in place, the only reason not to turn the crank back is to not reverse the chargecooler pump and knacker the rubber fins on the impellor. You're probably going to be rebuilding/replacing the CC pump anyway so no big deal... And good job getting the engine out.
  11. Mark, The car looks great! You really need to post another dozen or so pics.
  12. Merry Christmas all, from the other side of the pond...
  13. To the OP, assuming no major mechanical issues, I think your car will be in the 20K - 24K range.
  14. That would be the split in the pressure line to the wastegate actuator...
  15. Yes that is correct, the V8's did not have the undertray.
  16. I've used the Nordlock washers on the exhaust manifold in several Esprits and never had an issue with them coming loose. Sure beats bending and unbending the locking tabs.
  17. Danny, do you have any pics of the seals and the installation?
  18. There is a reason it is leaking so that should be determined. Either the seals aren't being installed properly, the area around the journal is damaged, the shaft has corrosion or is worn where the seal rides, or the dowel pin hole and pins aren't properly sealed with silicone. I have had to alter the depth of the seal slightly on occasion when the shaft had a slight depression worn in it where the seal lip rides. They can be a pain to deal with, but when everything is as it should be they work pretty well...
  19. You will need to remove the entire front valance (the piece with the grills) in order to replace the grills. Most all of the nuts/bolts will be accessed from below the car. Page 10.23 in the V8 parts manual is a good place to start.
  20. If he has a V8, it should already have a braided stainless clutch hose, don't believe they ever came with the red hose...
  21. Congrats and would love to see pics of the interior.
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