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  1. 7 hours ago, ramjet said:

    Unfortunately, this will continue to happen in the USA. When LaPierre has the gumption to say something like this:

    "Yeah, that's probably the only way we'd reassess much of anything at this point: 1,000 dead kids, shot up pretty good, lying face down in the school auditorium or something like that," LaPierre said, noting that anything less than 1,000 dead kids would not be enough for the NRA to stop urging Congress to pass pro-gun legislation. "I mean, that's just a ballpark number, but I imagine seeing 1,000 or so body bags being wheeled out of a school and a whole town of crying parents would probably make us reflect on our values for at least a little bit."

    "So yeah, more or less 1,000 dead kids," LaPierre added. "Something around there. And teachers don't count."

    (From here)


    This statement is totally false, neither LaPierre or anyone from the NRA has ever said anything even remotely similar to this quote. 

    While this is a terrible, senseless tragedy and will certainly and deservedly result in more heated debate about gun control, it should not be exacerbated by spreading lies and slander against either side of the debate...

  2. 27 minutes ago, ian29gte said:

    We're in the yacht club area of Cape Coral, right on the riverfront. We have an offer of accommodation at a safer location inland until it blows over, so decided to accept. Wind is one thing, but when you're only 3 feet Above sea level with no barrier, then there's not much choice!

    Great! I was a little concerned when I saw your pic and knew you must be right on the coast. 

  3. Alan,

    Looks like you may have dodged a big bullet. Hopefully the threads on the shaft are not knackered. Definitely replace the nut and be sure to use Loctite 648 on the threads and stake it on the flat once it's torqued. Torque spec on the Secondary shaft nut should be 250 Nm (185 lb. ft). 

    Try to flush out the swarf as best you can. It might be worth filling once or twice with some cheap gear oil. 

    I would be a little nervous about trusting the epoxy patch for any length of time, try to get the housing professionally repaired or replace it as was suggested...

    Good luck!



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  4. I may very well have jumped the gun in my previous post and didn't pay enough attention to your first two posts. I thought you couldn't get into second and then it cleared up later. (what can I say, it was late ;-)).

    Your symptoms could still be related to a damaged second gear but does sound more like a bad synchro as others have said. As Barry said above, if you double clutch and it doesn't crunch, then it's probably the synchro. 

    @jacques, I've had to replace the 2nd gear on two different S4s's that I've owned and one in a V8 for a friend. Have also read about others in the various forums having to do the same. In my case, the symptoms were not being able to shift into second gear after a hard crunch, but after a period of time, all appeared normal again. Then, a few months later, losing 2nd gear permanently and having to open the gearbox and finding what was in the pics posted above. (those were my pics). In my opinion, the teeth don't all break off at once. It's a few each time it happens until finally they are all gone.  

  5. I'll tell you what I think has happened from personal experience and having seen many others with the same problem. As the pics above show, you have broken one or more likely, a few of the dog teeth. The broken bits were probably jammed in the gear assembly causing difficulty shifting until they eventually worked their way out of the assembly and are now laying in the bottom of the gearbox sump. The 2nd gear is now weaker due to the missing teeth and at some point in the future, the rest of the teeth will get sheared off and you will lose 2nd gear completely. Probably not an eminent repair at the moment but will require a gearbox out and disassembly in your future. It may be next week or a year from now but it will happen...

  6. Geert,

    Do you know if your car was ever involved in any kind of shunt? I had the exact same failure on my first 95 S4s not long after I acquired it in 2003. I was aware that the first owner had been in some kind of fairly minor traffic incident which involved replacing the right rear hub carrier. I assumed at the time that my bolt failure was probably due to suffering some damage during that incident but was not replaced during the initial repair...


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