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  1. Yes I am limited by the race regs to a Lotus 2.2 L engine, I know the Sunbeam block etc wasn't as good as the Esprit block but its just that I can get my hands on a Sunbeam engine that has been built for race use, and to re-build mine with all the specialist steel components etc will take a month or two, so I was just trying to figure out if the Sunbeam engine would fit in an Esprit chassis and mate up with the Renault gearbox.
  2. Its just I can get hold of a Lotus Sunbeam engine and I need one urgently to fit in my Esprit, which I race after a blow up at the weekend. Its basically a Stevens shape chassis/Renault gearbox
  3. Has anyone put a Lotus Sunbeam engine into an Esprit? I know the sump is different to miss the X-member in the Sunbeam but with an Esprit does this matter? Will the Renault gearbox match up to the Sunbeam block/crank? Any other differences? Such as water hose connections?
  4. Has anyone sourced a ARB thicker than 17mm, I am looking for an 18mm or 19mm ARB for 1987 onwards Esprit.
  5. Many thanks for the information, looks like I will have to stick to the lightweight f/glass ones from Boss Motors.
  6. I race a S3 Lotus Esprit and was looking for someone who makes bodypanels, such as bumpers, bonnets etc in carbon fibre. I've tried Boss but they only deal in fibreglass. Any help gratefully received
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