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  1. That looks awesome Bibs! Black is easily the sexiest colour when clean. The car's a credit to you. Happy driving and watch out for the Rozzers when big number crunching!!
  2. Here's my sweety... lol I'm overall very happy with her but I'd love to upgrade the Alloys to the last of line spec like Brian's (Bingoking). If anyone knows anyone willing to sell a set please let me know!!
  3. Hi guys! I'm fine for Sat 28th or Sun 29th. Just keep me up to speed with plans. I look forward to it - an Esprit convoy will be quite a sight! Cheers, Euan
  4. Hit the nail on the head Paul. I caused great offence to an M3 driver the other day by overtaking him on the outside lane of a motorway. Obviously not used to this action he was up my arse in a heartbeat and none too chuffed - anyway, we had a bit of a race and I ended up slowing down as quite frankly I didn't want to die. This chap should defo snap up the reg at the top of this page! PS I still love the XJS - seen an immaculate one the other day and it's relative rareness has only increased its appeal. Sitting in amongst the traffic it looked like a Prince amongst men!
  5. That look's great. I wish you all the best... You've got to post some pics when the place is full of Euro exotics. Lucky man!!
  7. In all seriousness I don't have a problem with Porsche owners either - I used to have one as well! Just thought it was funny. The 911 is an excellent car - and the C4S with the big fat backside like this one pictured is a cracking looker - it does look a good buy. I think the difference is that when you see an Esprit or a Honda NSX for example you know the owner is a petrol head as they have bought the car based on it's performance/visual appeal etc. Whereas many 'cityboys' etc. may purchase a Porsche simply for the badge. That being said, I went to a few track days in my Boxster S and can confirm there are plenty of very nice Porsche owners! Well, at least a couple....
  8. Just spotted this on EBay. Could this be the most appropriate reg for a 911 in history?! lol
  9. Hi Tom! Yeah, that defo would've been me - I lived my whole life in EK before moving out to Glasgow a few years back thus I'm there on a weekly basis to see the folks. They live in East Mains so I'm around that area regularly. I've unfortunatly not seen your Excel - I can't see me missing it as it was always a fave of mine. I'll keep me eyes peeled!
  10. Hi Iain, Yep, Glasgow can still be an eye-opener although in the last fifteen years or so it has improved massively in all respects - I live in the Gorbals for example which in 2000 was imaginatively re-named the 'New Gorbals' and subject to massive regeneration. It's now classed as a relatively well-to-do area but back in '81 it was pretty much a no-go zone! Other than the mass-influx of speed-bumps it's now relatively Esprit friendly area! Oh, and there are still some 'nice' girls - although they're maybe not the ones you wanna meet! I've added my car to the LEF Owners Garage so you can see pics here: I'll add some more pics in time and hopefully will indulge in some mods. Is that an S2 you've got? It looks great - just a timeless design. Classic.
  11. Brilliant mate - I'm essentially looking for all the required parts and then I'm good to go. Happy days - bloody glad I joined this!
  12. Yeah I am interested Bibs - when I spoke to Murray Lotus they didn't seem to know much about it?
  13. Thanks for the info. I checked out SJ Sportscars and see the rear panel - excellent - c.crunch permitting that could defo be a possible this year... Yes, the alloy button covers defo look the part and the dash is a little dull. Think I'll order them actually - they can be my first forray into the world of Esprit modding! Cheers
  14. Will do Buckster - I've got a couple of mates thru in Edinburgh so I'm up relatively regularly. I'll let you know...
  15. Ahhhh.... So it is - thanks for that. I did find it hard to believe!
  16. Hi Mark! I bought the Esprit from Murray Lotus and get it serviced there - just got new brake pads a couple of weeks ago and it'll be due its MOT/service in April. I've added my car to the LEF Owners Garage and will get a profile on espritworld soon - need to get some more good pics of the interior - the black leather is set off nicely with red piping and red inserts on the doors and round the gear stick. I've taken a few jibes about it resembling Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket but one 80's icon deserves another eh?! Your's looks great in black - I love that you've went for the round lights and federal exhaust. I really fancy doing both - the dated Toyota lights are the only thing that I really don't like about mine. I contacted a US company that made a replica of the Lotus piece but the weak
  17. Oh right, I was making that mistake. Thanks for letting me know...
  18. Hi Mark! Sorry this has taken a while - despite using this site for info etc. I've only just joined the forum and didn't know of the 'spotted' feature. Yeah, I'm pretty sure this was me - possibly coming back form visiting a mate in Aberdeen? I'm based in Glasgow and have owned the car for coming up to 2 years - thoroughly enjoying it. I hope to be a more active participent on here, so if you know of any meets etc. then please let me know as I'd love to attend. Cheers, Euan
  19. Ahhh.... Brilliant! Congrats on all - car & site! The gold and black looks great - takes me back to being a kid - I had a model of the John Player SE. Worked then, works now....
  20. Hi all, I've just joined the forum and after introducing myself a chap called Andy sent me a link to this thread. I've owned my red 02 V8SE here in Glasgow for a couple of years now and have used this site since then. I've no idea why it taken me so long to join the chat but would love to take part in any meets you guys may have planned? Cheers, Euan
  21. Thank's for that Andy. Actually it's not been too bad up here in Glasgow - bitterly cold but only light snow - in saying that, it's coming down right now so after my "everyday use" statement I may need to phone my mate for a lift into work tomorrow! Hi Bibs! Yep, it's still cold & wet alright. I like the picture!! Is yours the black Esprit with the gold alloys - I've seen pics elsewhere on the site?
  22. Cheers Danny! Yes, Lotus owners are defo a friendly bunch - the amount of chat I've had a petrol stations etc. since getting the car is unreal. Brilliant ownership experience.
  23. Hi All! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been the proud owner of a 2002 red V8SE for what's coming up for 2 years. I traded a Boxster S in for her and despite being told on numerous occasions that I was "mad", I find the excitment she generates more than compensates for the build quality maybe not being up to German standards. Despite an engine disaster early in my ownership that ended with a brand new V8 being fitted under warranty I have used the car everyday and even through what has been a particularly cold winter she has, since the new engine (touching wood as I type!) been totally reliable - you can even get a fair bit of shopping in the boot! I don't know why it's taken me so long to join this forum, but I have been using the site since I got the car and find it to be very informative and easy to use - I look forward to being a more active particpant! Also, to anyone thinking of Esprit ownership - go for it, but make sure you get a warranty! ) Cheers, Euan PS I don't know if any of you Scottish members ever hold meets etc. but if so I'd love to attend??
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