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  1. Morning guys, I'm afraid I can't do this one - I'm at the Download festival that weekend seeing AC/DC & Aerosmith - which in volume & musical terms isn't too much different from a group of roaring Lotus engines! On another note, I'm genuinely sorry I haven't made a meet yet and really do hope to do so at one point in the future as I very much enjoy owning my Esprit and the lifestyle that goes with it. I also really appreciate the effort Brian puts into organising these runs. I hope you have a great day!
  2. Any idea where I can get some?! :-)
  3. Hmmm... Well, at least if I encounter a similar problem Bibs can't slag me anymore...
  4. Bibs, why didn't you post this video last summer - you'd have saved me looking a right tool infront of a bunch of folk who gathered round as I tried to figure out how to get the roof to fit in the boot! I personally think you should post this vid at least once a year at the beginning of April to save muppets like me alot of embarrassment! Cheers mate - consider my roof going in my boot tomorrow AM - and thanks too to Jerry for posting the question!!
  5. Hi, just to really back up Brian. I stumbled upon this Esprit by accident well over a year ago - I just happened to be passing the showroom and thought I'd jump in to have a look - they often have some very exotic stuff - Diablo's, Ferrari's etc. The Esprit was in decent condition for its age but looked a little tired. My only bit of advice is that if you fancy it push hard for a bargain - as we've confirmed, the car's been taking up valubale space in their showroom for over a year so they'll be desperate to sell it! :-)
  6. Cheers Brian... No great loss - she always preferred my old Boxster to the Esprit anyway... No class.
  7. Hi folks, I could defo be interested in this depending on the date. So, I'm defo a possible 11 & 12 depending who I can get to come with me (girlfriends just dumped me!) Keep me posted. Cheers! Sorry, just re-read that - what a muppet! 11th April should be good for me! Keep in touch re times...
  8. WOW! Nothing much more than that to add... I love coming on here and seeing other owners car's but that really is the ultimate Esprit. Well done, you win!!
  9. Nice car... Seems pretty good for the money?
  10. Just found this topic - gotta say Dave, those lights look fantastic! Very impressed... To my eyes they look better on the Esprit than they do on the Evora!
  11. Around 3500. It's usually nearer a 5000 but due to Bruce Springsteen & AC/DC both touring Europe during the summer I had a few weekends away from the beast! It also didnt help that my driving buddy had to trade in his 911 in and thus wasn't about to play - thankfully he's just bought a Boxster S so I'm hoping for some good trips up North as soon as the weather improves!
  12. David, I notice that Murray Motor Co. Edinburgh which is an official approved Lotus dealer has a V8 for sale. This is where I got mine and although you pay probably a couple of grand extra for an approved dealer car, I believe the full service history and 12 month warranty are worth it. It's also had it's cambelts done twice which is something that you must keep an eye on: Graeme Robertson is the man to speak to in there...
  13. Hi David. As a pretty non-mechanical member of the furum I would defo recommend a V8SE. Mine is 2002 on a 51 plate which annoyingly means it still has Toyota rear lights and the Saturn alloys - I will get round to upgrading soon! My only advice would be to try and buy a daily runner. I use mine all year round, virtually every day but as I am office based still only cover around 5000miles a year. Touch wood as I write this but I find her to be very relaible and a pleasure to own. Ignore the nae sayers and trust in the guys on this forum - they know their stuff!
  14. Hi Toby, Yeah, I reckon they'd look the part - it would be 8.0x18's on the front and 9.5x19's on the back. I'm losing 0.5" on the Saturns width but I don't think it would effect my handling too much as I'm not an especially hard driver and if I was to go a run up to the Highlands or whatever for a bit of fun i could always put the Saturns back on? Total Price:
  15. Hi, sorry for the late reply - I didn't want to come back until I had my facts correct. If you go on their site go into the sub menu "wheels" then click on the "Projex Custom Tuning" icon. The Multi-Piece alloys are all a fortune - I was quoted around
  16. Right! Problem may be solved... Check out these guys I've just been talking to the guy and they manufacture custom alloys that fit the Esprit - if you check out the gallery there's even a picture of an S4 with a lovely set of 18/19's. Hmmmm.... An early Christmas present ye say....?!
  17. Thanks for the link to "Image" - they're defo worth contacting! I also found a company called who do alloys that fit. Unfortunatly they were about
  18. Hi Mangel, I agree! They would look fantastic on the Esprit - especially powder-coated black! I've emailed a couple of different companies re Porsche alloys with the required adaptor so I'll wait and see what I get back... Bet I've still got the Saturns this time NEXT year! lol
  19. lol! Yeah, many more nights trawling the web! Thank's for the info tho I'll check out the wheel adaptor idea??
  20. They'll be the Azev A's then? Good classic style alloys - fancied something flasher tho! The Magnesio's look the part - bit out of budget tho... Unfortunatly.
  21. Hi guys, I've been looking to replace the OZ Saturns on my Esprit for ages now but have struggled to find alloys which will fit. I've been to a few local alloy wheel suppliers and when they see the Esprit they either turn a blank or start talking literally thousands of pounds. More recently I've tried using the internet to source OZ Nova's but again have struggled to find any? I've noticed a few Esprit's on here have aftermarket alloys and just wondered if anyone has any tips where to get them? Obviously I've been keeping an eye on the Esprit World sites "For sale" section but keep missing the nice ones! Cheers guys (and gals!)
  22. I actually went in and seen this - I was just passing and saw the car through the window. It's been sitting there for weeks now - maybe a good 3 months come to think of it? It's not a bad example but it's quite tired looking when you're up close. I'm sure the milage is in the 40k region. I also spotted the blue anniversary which looks very nice. Strange about the wheels tho?
  23. Hmmm... Nothing's ever easy huh?! Thanks for the info and the link - really appreciate it!
  24. Hi folks, I was just wondering if anyone can help? The boot/engine bay latch on the inside drivers door of my V8 literally snapped in my hand today?! it's as if the plastic holding what I guess was a pully mechanism has snapped simply due to wear. Thus the wire/loom has sprung back inside the body. I had a look at it and tried to unscrew the plastic surround but it appears to been fixed from the inside? Has anyone any ideas how to fix this or should I get it into Lotus asap? Any help appreciated!
  25. lol! That'd would've been me then?! Was just having a wee scout about on here and seen this. I've actually been taking it pretty easy around EK as the last time I blasted up the EK road from Glasgow the cops came firing out a side street and right up my ass - I'd slowed down for the retail park roundabout so they couldn't do me for anything - just tailed me through the village while I sat at 28mph exactly. Close one!
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