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  1. I use Hagerty for collector car/exotics and pay around $375.00 annually.
  2. I was looking at a 5.0 Mustang many years ago and the salesman said the car had both fuel injection and carbs!
  3. Hi Guys, TireRack in the US offers 9 different tires for the 235/60 15 size. See here: Mike
  4. Hi, I did the same thing to my 1991 SE. I used the Gator Grip socket to get both the fill and drain plugs off. See here: By the way, my fill plug was so locked into place that I ended up removing a portion of the threads from the gearbox housing, which then had to be helicoiled.
  5. The parts were US$75.00 and arrived the day after ordering! I am going to undertake this job Saturday, as long as the Snap-On 4pt,10mm socket arrives Friday for the transmission plugs, and will attempt to take digital photos for everyone. Mike
  6. Does anyone have advice for removing the output shafts from the transmission? I have oil leaks from both the right and left shafts. I have ordered, and received, the lip seals, "O" rings, and roll pins from JAE in Goletta, CA. I have read the transmission fluid change procedures on LEW, so I just want to confirm that I can remove the shafts be tapping out the roll pins and slide the shaft out from the spline to get to the seals. Any thoughts or recommendations? BTW, I purchased my 1991 Esprit SE in June.
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