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  1. Happy Birthday....

    We hope you have a great day!

    From the team at Lotus Silverstone.

  2. Maybe more of a question for our American friends - what can we do about upgrading the LHD Esprit lights? My friend's Espirt now has those stupid sealed beam lights, which are utterly worthless. From what I read on LEW and in the thread about HID, it seems that it's much easier to do HID on high beams, and in RHD Esprit, high beams are also more problematic to replace with standard units. So I was thinking about using HID on inner (high beam) lights and some normal lights on outer ones - is it possible to get a LHD dipped lights for Esprit? If so, where from? Thanks for any ideas...
  3. Yup, better to ask stupid questions about problems that turn out to be nothing than to have actual problems that cost money Seems we really had more luck than brains, since the car seems to be pretty much all right, which is great for something bought sight unseen...
  4. So it's some kind of switch that enables windows to close, even when there's something in the way? And if it isn't used on US models, does it mean that the hole should be there?
  5. Eh... not sure that I understand what it's good for. And I don't have the owner's manual on hand - can you please explain what exactly it does? Thanks a lot... (and I thought I'm used to strangeness of English cars )
  6. Nope, I have just the factory owner's manual... I'll join the Club Esprit, but now I just need to know what is the part marked 14 in the picture, because that's what's missing there...
  7. Grrrr, I'm sure I put in here. No idea why it doesn't work... Another try.
  8. Second from the left - there's a hole and something was in it... What was it? I tried to look in the manual, but I haven't found any scheme of this panel... Thanks
  9. I've just returned from test drive... of course the heater works and I'm idiot
  10. The car's 2000 V8 GT... I'll try that and let you know what I've found. Thanks a lot.
  11. Well, here is the first technical question about my friends' V8 GT. When I took it out for a drive, I noticed that the heater doesn't work at all. Vents blow air, but it's cold, and temperature knob doesn't do anything - and it feels very light to turn. If it should be connected to something mechanically, it probably isn't. Another strange thing is that I feel lots of heat in the footwell. I don't think it's from engine, as I felt heat just on my feet. Is there anything that can cause it? Like heater radiator? Thanks for any help...
  12. Hm, seems I'll have to write to the guys from Ferrari of Denver - heater doesn't work. But strange is, I felt warm at the footwell.. maybe form engine? And I drove it on country roads for the first time - and I will have hard time leaving it in the garage until Sunday, when owner picks it up. It drives wonderfully - and you don't even need to go that fast... I see four cylinder Esprit in my future
  13. I have no receipts whatsoever, but I'll have to ask about them - as well as other things. Now I'm trying to learn everything I can about the car, cause we just received something we know very little about. After reading all the buyer's guides on LEW and LFF, I think we maybe had more courage (and hopefully luck) than brains
  14. Cool, thanks. What about those service intervals/pricing? I found some service intervals on LFF, and it seems there is just a B service around this mileage (19k miles). Was PO hosed, if dealer says they've done "big service, by the book" for $12.000? The fact they talk about cambelts confuses me - it seems to soon for doing that... But the dealer (Ferrari of Denver) seemed honest. Is there anything I can check to see what was really done?
  15. It's empty hole, and when I stuck finger in it, I felt some wires. Definitely a hole after something has been taken out. I'm going to go to garage now and take some pictures. Just have to find memory card for camera
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