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  1. Problem solved, it was the silicone hose sidewalls closing in as the tubo tried to pull over 7.5 psi. Now it hit 10 instanty, hardly and lag in 1st and none between gears. I had added a vacuum controlled BOV at the output of the dump valve and it works great. I never felt so much power from the car since I built it, I can finally start having some fun. Thanks for the input.
  2. I'll check for leaks again but everything looked tight. The car does hesitate when I go from half throttle to full as indicated by the boost drop 7.5 to 3. What occurred to me was the air hose from the airbox to the turbo infeed. I have a new one which I connected with a 3 inch piece of silicone hose as a coupling. This piece may be collapsing and restricting airflow when I try to boost over 7.5. This would explain why it runs fine at half throttle and stays at 7.5 psi if I feather the throttle, as soon as I fully press it then it drops since the sidewalls of the silicone coupling could be getting pulled together. Tonight I will take a short run with the hose disconnected.
  3. 84 Esprit turbo with forged pistons. I had a mishap with my turbo where the air intake tube came off and a piece was sucked up by the turbo and unfortunately damaged the blades. After I put the rebuilt turbo in my boost is very erratic. I was originally set up for 10psi but now it will go up to 7.5 but not hold under full acceleration dropping down to 3-4 psi. It will then go back to 7.5 if I keep it to half throttle. Based on how hard I accelerate the boost is all over the place. Although if I find the sweet spot it runs great but still only 7.5 psi. Engine wise it revs and runs fine. BOV is fully closed under acceleration. Looks like waste gate issue but it’s odd that it happened just after I installed the new turbo. What do you guys think?
  4. I have seen Spax G506 fronts and Spxa G928 rears advertized? Has anyone gone with Spax. I'm hearing Protech isn't great any others have poor results with Protech? Lotus is all about the suspension, I can't get this wrong!
  5. I have seen Spax G506 fronts and Spxa G928 rears advertized? Is anyone familiar with these numbers? Are they OEM? Thanks.
  6. Not sure how long the new suspension from Lotus will take so I'd like to know what the current options are. Has anyone gone with the protech shocks and euro springs from SJS? Steve doesn't have the original from shocks but does carry the rear, are the protechs as good as the originals? I have a US car with the tall springs, how will the new Euro springs fit with the protech's. Would you go protech all the way around or original in the rear since they are available? I don't want to get this wrong. Thanks
  7. Please add one more for the suspension upgrade. He doesn't have the ability to post but sent me this note, he's ready to buy today. he also gave me his personal contact information if needed. Thanks, Dan Please put me on 1983 suspension list! My VIN
  8. I have been using Wix or Napa (same). It has the anti drain. Local parts store has on on display next to a Fram, both cut open showing the difference. wix looks much better and only $5 -$6.
  9. Pictures are upon flickr:[email protected]/
  10. Your timming should be at 10 deg BTC and advance significantly as you rev up to 3000 RPM. I forget the numbers, it depends on which dist. you have. the vacuum lines also need to be correct. Check the timming with a timmimng light, just point it in the opening inthe bell housing and read the marks. Take down the numbers and post them here.
  11. Just wanted to follow-up on this post in case someone has the same problem after a rebuild. It was the vacuum lines on the dist, they were backwards. I think it was mentioned earlier. Thank you.
  12. Thanks. The aluminum cleans up well. First I degreased it then hit it with a power washer. At this point you still have the discolored Aluminum finish but its clean. Then you take a drill, various air tools and an angle grinder all fitted with various wire wheel attachments. Including some which come to a point. You then power wire brush the entire surface. At first it
  13. It was in good shape to begin with, some said I could have left it as is but I wanted show room condition. Two years later and her it is. Thanks to all the info on this site. I didn't post much just used the search options as it's all been done before. I know you never get what you put into it but I can't help but wonder what this car is actually worth. It has 45K original miles, a survivor which was kept very well, I was the first owner who did major work to it but kept it completely original other than minor internal engine mods (forged pistons, 10 PSI boost). engine pics only, body picts will be in next post. Trying to add body pics but having trouble Pages_from_Pages_from_LotusProjectEngin_2.pdf Pages_from_Pages_from_LotusProjectEngin_3.pdf Pages_from_Pages_from_LotusProjectEngin.pdf
  14. Check your timing advance is working properly. The vacuum lines may also be an issue. Had similar problem myself, just have to check everything.
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