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  1. Hi All, Well a few weeks ago I sold my S4s, so I am now Esprit-less. Just thought I'd drop you a line to say toodle-pip. This forum and LEW have both been invaluable, both to help sort problems and to build genuine friendships. I also wanted to thank Kato, Dermot and Bibs, their selfless enthusiasm and help made owning an Esprit much easier and more fun. I also have made some great friends, Alan, Paul, Robin, etc. So, all the best to everyone!!! Ciao!!! Jason PS here is a picture of my new wheels.
  2. Hi all, I am after a clutch assistor for my S4s. Lotus have one of the parts as unavailable and I was wondering if anyone had taken theirs off and would consider selling it? Or any suggestions where I could get one from? Thanks in advance, Jason.
  3. I got my last lot from these people:- Excelent service and they had plenty in. Jason.
  4. Hi Paul, I had EXACTLY the same, even the intermittent part!! It was when I had just bought mine, It went back to Paul Matty under warranty and they thought I was mental cos they tested it for 2 weeks without a problem then on the last day it did it for them. Turns out it was the oil seal, it was leaking slightly causing the clutch to slip till the oil burns off like was mentioned above. As it was warranty they fixed without telling me the cost, but it did require a new clutch plate and oil seal. Hope its ok soon, Jason.
  5. Hey Robin, Is this avatar the same girl as yours? If so she must be quite famous!! Jason.
  6. So guys just to chuck more into the melting pot, is mine (Azure S4s as here:- ) overpriced???? I know I wont get the best part of
  7. I'm with Dave. He spent a lot of time working the drawings out to fit the car, so he took the same steps Lotus did and produced a part that looks very much a like but is (in tiny ways) dfferent. I bet Lotus didn't come up with the original idea of sticking ali to a dash so his product is engineered to do the same job in the same way it is bound to look the same. Weras the 'others' just want to produce cheap exact copies of his design. Its like someone painting a copy of the Mona Lisa and someone else putting it on a colour photocopier. One took skill and work, the other didn't and is pointless. just my 2p. Keep it up Dave & don't let the scum grind you down. Jason.
  8. That VC10 tail makes my S4s wing look very subtle!!!! Where can I get one????? Jason S4s
  9. Mike, Sure thing, Don't worry about the cash till we meet up for delivery!!! See you there!!! Jason.
  10. Oh and a Glass sunroof, just the glass mind, I bought it minus the clips, etc.... Robin, Of course mate!!! Newport Pagnell nice and early, I can't wait to see yours finaly!!!!! Karl, Yes Brembo. Hmmm
  11. Hi all, Been clearing out the garage and got some spares that may be usefull, so I will have a bit of a car boot sale, you can even buy the car boot if you take the rest of the car!!!! I have:- IAC, Coil, HT Leads, Indicator side repaters Throttle jack capsue Front STD brake pads (nearly new) Fuel Pump All are used and were fully serviceable when removed. I also have 4 brand new rear disc retaining screws and 8 brand new plastic thingies that hold the headlights in. I also have a pair of 12v 6" fans and delaying relay that I was goingto make into a system to keep a bit of cooling air through the engine bay after engine shutdown. I am not after much money, just want this stuff to help keep Esprits running instead of being chucked. Let me know if you are interested and see you Sunday!! Jason S4s
  12. Wow, in the company of high-flyers here!!!!! Company owners, designers, architects, professionals of all styles. And those other who just work seem to do really excitng things with loads of toys!! I am just a computer techie. I just work for a a real big company (GE) seting up servers. Boy, have I under-achieved!!!! Jason. S4s (and sulking due to a rubbish job)
  13. teigan, I know you love being the most contrary person on the forum and just have to oppose any other viewpoint posted but can you please stop insulting our country. Some of us who live here like it, and some don't, but just chucking insults at us is disrespectful in the extreme. We don't slag off your country and respect other peoples right to their own patriotism, even the French. Please grant us the same courtesy and keep the child like name calling to yourself. Jason. S4s.
  14. Hi Glyn, Was probably me!! anyway Hows things, still having probs with yours? whats the latest? I heard you had the engine out again? is that right? you must be the fastest engine crane in the west! Simon, I'll have to keep my eye out for a bimmer then!! It s problem when people are in their normal cars!! Course yours looks so good, they all do!!!!! Its a very long story, but basicly one of the pistons died, so I had Miles go to town on it, new pistons + liners, main bearings, exhasut manifold, Turbo, Injectors, and startermotor then head skimmed, crank polished, oil + water pumps serviced, valves relapped,total 100% rebuild. cost a packet!! So now my engine in perfect conditions and I have 45miles of running in left!!! Getting very close! Jason
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