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  1. Lotus is looking superb... especially in that colour. Its making me regret selling her now! Can't wait to see her finished! Lawrence
  2. Yes please check, do you know how much it would be to send wheels over the big pond??
  3. I love the Blue Esprit, looks superb! They are my favorite wheels!
  4. Yeah, there are quite a few stress cracks which they said they would sort out, maybe its not such a bad price after all. I think I am going to book it in, I just have to decide whether to send the car as a whole or to remove the body first??? Any Help On This, is the body easy to take off?
  5. Welcome and get yourself a S4 asap! You wont regret it!!!
  6. Good Afternoon All Today I took FOX406V up to Blackpool for a visit to Surface and Design bodyshops, they seem very professional and met the guys in charge. They are based in the old TVR factory and many of their body workers are ex TVR people. They have quoted me
  7. HI Alan Not sure if me message went through, let me know if not. My number is 07772 000 222. Thanks Lawrence
  8. Yes she PASSED!!! - I just had to take a photo of the momentous occasion. I cant quite believe it. I went on a 60 mile drive straight after leaving the MOT station. This is my first time driving an Esprit and please bear in mind it was 0 degrees and slushy but HOW WELL DO THEY HANDLE??? Honestly like on rails!!! So sorry for getting name wrong Malc, but my plan is to get a repray and retrim now. I have already bought the leather hides and am having a trip up to Surface and Design in Blackpool to get a quote for bodywork. Apparantly they are at the old TVR factory and have trimmers there too so it could be quite handy. I just want the best possible job doing so I hope they can accomodate. Looking forward to it being completely finished!! Speak soon Lawrence
  9. I love the design for the New Esprit - I think they should put it into production straight away! Picture attached in case you hadnt seen it!!
  10. Hi All I am after a set of 14 or 15" slot mags for my Lotus S2. I know, i know, stick to the originals, but i just love the slot mags. Firstly, will these fit an S2 and secondly where can I get a set? Are they still made new?
  11. Hi All Well, you will be pleased to know that my Lotus Esprit S2, FOX406V passed her MOT today. The tester said that the steering rack was a bit clunky (which I am going to replace with a new one) and the rear brake pads could do with a change. After a quick scour round I noticed that Lotus Pads from SJ are
  12. Thanks Marc and Mat for the comments. Hi Mat I must say, this is a very impressive forum. The Lotus should be ready for her MOT tomorrow!!! I have re-wired the back lights and bled all brakes/clutch etc, given her a full service, I just need a new choke cable and fingers crossed she might pass!! I cannot tell you how much I am enjoying this project. Best one yet! Mind you, it took me about a day to get "foxy" started, but now she stars on the key every time. Looking forward to seeing you all at the meets later this year! Kind regards Lawrence
  13. Hello Forum Just to let you know I have now bought FOX406V from Mat and intend to fully restore her as intended. My name is Lawrence and I am sure I will be asking many questions when i get stuck! I had her running today and she sounds superb. It is my intention to see if she can pass an MOT and if so then send her for a full window out respray and retrim. I will keep you all informed. Thanks Lawrence
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