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  1. Hi Bibs, i can see everything except SOME of the pictures in the posts ( new posts and old posts ), and my profile picture. Regards Rico.
  2. Hi, i'm having a problem viewing most of the pictures that everyone is posting in the topics, i just keep getting the red cross where images should be, even the picture of my profile in the top corner of the forum comes up as a red cross. Please help. Regards Rico.
  3. Is it possible for the cambelt to slip off? and if so what would cause that? and could it slip of completely all of a sudden while drivig it, or would it happen bit by bit during each drive? I do have the feeling that it was more centered, and that it has moved after i've driven the car a couple of times, and the cambelt has maybe adjusted it self after the C service, i guess.
  4. Hi Richard, Thanks for the reply. The tensioner was also changed with the belt, so they are both about a couple month old. My consern was that the belt might have moved on it's own since fitted, ( especialy on the bottom pulley from, the two pulley's closest to each other ). I would have liked the cambelt to sit right in the middle of all three pulley's, but i understand from your reply that that is'nt possible. Rico.
  5. Hi everyone, Can someone please advise. Where should the cambelt sit on the pulley? On my 85 Turbo Esprit it seems to be sitting flush with the side of the pulley ( The top 2 pulleys ) to the outside of the engine edge ( close to the bulkhead window side ). It's a new cambelt, so i can't remember if it has moved a little or if that's where the mechanic positioned it? Do they move or slide on their own? ( i'm worried that if they do, it might slide of completely and cause a lot of damage ). It does seem to be on fairly tight, so i don't know if it is possible o slide. Please advise. Thanx in advance. Rico.
  6. I already own a 1985 lotus esprit turbo, which i love very much and would never sell, but unfortunately i'm the third owner of the car, and even though the car is in a fantastic condition ( and i also have all the service history of the car ) i would have liked to be the original owner. That said, this is the reason i want to by an "ELISE S" (and the fact that it is such a sexy car), as i would like to own a brand new Lotus straight from the factory, but i won't have the funds till about June 2010 ( and all the other "ELISE" models are beyond my budget, as there is about $30,000 Australian dollars difference between the "ELISE S" and "ELISE R". So i do hope Lotus keep the "ELISE S" in production at least till June 2010, or they will destroy my dreams. "I hope you are listening Lotus". P.S. if anyone on the forum reads this, and in the future hear that Lotus is about to stop production of the "ELISE S" before June 2010, then please send me a message or an email. Thanks in advance to everyone. Regards Rico.
  7. Thanks for the reply Kimbers, i guess i better get my butt into gear and try and purchase it earlier. P.S. would the factory let the public know if they decide to stop production of the "ELISE S" ( would they like give us a warning to try place orders in before the end of production, and if so how would they let us know? what should we look out for, as in forums, dealers, on the lotus site etc. )
  8. Does anyone know if Lotus will still be offering the "ELISE S" in their range for 2010. I am interested in buying a brand new one from one of their Australian dealers, but won't be till sometime mid 2010 (maybe June).
  9. That's why i put out this topic, to see if anyone knew of a better extinguisher than the powder ones, as a fire is bad enough and i didn't want to deal with corrosion as well.
  10. What's everyones opinion on the powder extingishers and their effect on the engine in regards to corrosion?
  11. The way i turned the fire off was by first spraying it through the loover, then lifted the tailgate only a tiny bit and sprayed through that, and then sprayed it through the engine cover mesh, lifted the engine cover and sprayed the extinguisher all over the engine. That did the trick and turned the fire off, was i lucky?....... well i guess i was, but also my quick thinking and the way i went through the process of turning it off sure did help.
  12. I had a fire in my engine in the past, but i caught it in time, i was lucky to have one of the powder extinguishers in the car and as soon as i saw the fire in rear view mirror i pulled over, opend the tailgate and sprayed the hole engine till the extinuisher was empty, it was only an oil fire as one of the hoses broke and the oil hit the turbo, so the car was saved with minimum damage, but my mechanic advised me not to use a powder extinguisher again as the powder got into everything, very hard to get clean and we didn't want the powder to stay on any parts of the engine, as if not cleaned carefully that would lead to corrosion. So that's why i don't want to use powder extinuishers ever again, but not sure what to use in the future, as i was told that CO2 extinguishers are very cold and you don't want to put them on hot turbos or engines for that matter.
  13. HI everyone, Just wanted some advice on which fire extinguisher i should keep in my car? I was told to keep away from the powder type extinguishers as they corrode the engine, and the CO2 fire extinguishers are bad to spray on turbos or hot engines. So i'm all confused on which ones to buy, and would appreciate all positive feed back. I'm also in Australia, so i hope i can find the extinguishers that you guys will recommend for me. Best regards Rico.
  14. Hi everyone, just wanted t share with you my experience. I went to Roger Moore book signing this week, as Roger was in Melbourne to promote his book ( My word is my bond ) It was a very brief encounter, but a great one never the less. He looked very fit for his age 81 I only got to smile and say hello to him, and like wise from his end, as the publishers were trying to speed the book signing up, for there was a great number of people trying to meet the man. The energy in the room around the man was great, and to have lived a day out of his life, i could only imagine what it would be like. The people he met, the places he's been, and the things he'd seen. What a life to have lived. Oh well i guess mabe in the next life. Rico.
  15. Hi Graham, any chance of you putting some of the pictures in a bigger size, they would be great as wallpaper.
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