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  1. Hi, I had the paint made up to match as close as possible to the original paint colour from a company that makes alloy wheel paint, so there is no code. I do have a little left if you want me to send some over to you? Give me a call if you need some on 01793 887222 regards Scott
  2. Hi, did you email swindo[email protected]? I have not recived any email yet? Regards Scott
  3. Hi you can send just one or two we can have the colour made to match. Regards Scott Lepsons Swindon
  4. I think that pic of the v8 with no decal on the body work is my GT! ( show car ) From what I have been told Lotus only made 2 gold GT's one being the press car and the other was the show car. A few years later some one loved the gold GT and asked for one to be made in that colour for them. Not sure if this is a fact, this is what the owner of mine told me before I bought it. He had the show car from 1998.
  5. Hi Guys, I will work out some prices for you. Back soon. Scott
  6. Anyone going to the Pistonheads show at the NEC this week? It's on Thursday untill Sunday and we (Lepsons) are going to be there, so any Lotus esprit owners come and find us and say hello! Lotus Car Ltd will also be there. We will be giving 15% discount to Lotus Esprit owners that come to see us at the show. Regards Scott
  7. Hi, We at Lepsons can refurbish magnesium wheels, we work very closely with Dymag in Wiltshire that make magnesium wheels. Check out there website I am sure we could get the colour match. If you want to give me a call we are on 01793 887222 and ask for Scott Regards Scott
  8. Hi Don't know what your budget is, but how about a set of magnesium centred carbon fibre outer rims? They look great and they make them in the UK. There called DYMAG and based down the road from me in Chippenham Wiltshire, they mke wheels for any car mostly Porsche, Ferrari and Lambo's, there number is 01249 655481 and there website is and also google them on google images. They look even better in the flesh I have had a few sets at our place. Regards Scott
  9. Hi Leon, Tony is right, but I think they are powder coated in a fine silver, diamond cut on a lathe and last of all have a powder clear coat over the top. If your looking for a company to refurbish these I run a company called Lepsons in Swindon wilts, it's part of Lepsons in Gillingham. You can email me on [email protected] or call me on 01793 887222 Regards Scott
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