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  1. Always fancied a 250 stroker in their day but never got around to it
  2. He hasn't been seen on here for nearly 4months
  3. Was scarey in its day. Particularly on roundabouts when you leant it over it felt like you were going to drop it, very similar to the z1 b I had. Would also shake it's head when it came on song, had a narrow rev band
  4. Yes loved them. Had a 750 Kawasaki triple. and the Suzuki kettle but never had an Rx Yamaha
  5. Commuted in to London for a year in eighties on a rg 500 fantastic bike.
  6. £2000 buys a lot of bike these days
  7. @dsvitesse1 is probably as close as anyone to you. Harry Martens
  8. Frightening crash in Monte Carlo rally
  9. Happy birthday Better not make any age related comments
  10. 9.00 tonight story of Concorde on BBC four
  11. Had to replace the front vented discs on my custom transit after only 30,000 miles. One of the discs had separated into two .
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