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  1. Romain Grosjean on pole for his first Indy race
  2. It is the anti car people who are more likely to vote. Lot of not interested voters in london
  3. With a reinforced slab over the polystyrene there should be no problem
  4. Don't need to use expensive celotex, polystyrene would suffice in a garage floor
  5. Congratulations to all who voted him back in
  7. Ply is expensive for boarding a garage,sterling board as good and it you don't like the face of it put plasterboard over it. Easy to fix anything anywhere then..
  8. How does it add £1000
  9. for the little added cost i would have thought it was worth insulating the slab, if only to future proof it.
  10. @Sparkyone for you
  11. You haven't been lately then
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