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  1. pete

    Formula One

    Think Stroll is more of a problem for Aston Martin and now his father has sold part of his shares to Geely
  2. pete

    Formula One

    Really. Too much sponsorship comes with him and personally I don't think Riccardo would be any better , in fact a lot worse. He was awful at maclaren
  3. All seem to be unsackable without the threat of a court case from them
  4. 44%. Of civil servants are still 'working'from home, are they still being paid their their London working allowance I wonder
  5. this is what economists dont understand about UK, here we tend to try to spend our way out of "recession" while in europe they tend to stop spending.
  6. unfortunately as soon as he was found guilty itwas pretty certain the skankswould receive compensation
  7. So residents are saying if the police hadn't been chasing them they would still be alive, no mention of if they hadn't been doing something illegal they wouldn't have been chased and would still be alive.
  8. Trouble is their mistakes are more expensive than yours and affects more people. They are supposed to be the experts
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