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  1. Is that on the outside of the track with limited protection
  2. pete

    Richard Hammond

    Price paid was nearer £67000 which is a fair price and more than a dealer would pay
  3. pete


    This is all hypothetical on both sides so why not accept Brexit has happened and put more energy into making it work instead of stirring up all the arguments again.
  4. pete

    Richard Hammond

    Too dear for a dealer
  5. he certainly helped his team mate
  6. pete


    Difficult to define working class in this day and age
  7. To me that means a high percentage 75 to 80%
  8. I have been sent an email with 35 different PDFs that I want to print. Can I print them all iñ one hit or do need to print each one individually
  9. Think there have been some sold privately for close to that price
  10. Excellent day today. News on Brad Jones not good .
  11. Got tickets for Sunday,hope it dries out
  13. Not knowing him bottoms up might not be appropriate 🤠😉
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