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  1. This looks a nice low mileage car and is open to offers
  3. Tesla has reduced it's warranty on used cars. Could have an effect on used prices
  4. The New York times has revealed Trump has a Chinese bank account. 40 million Americans have voted by post already
  5. There is an alternative.
  6. Hugh Haskell wrote a book on Chapman and I am sure there was a chapter about him and his love of furniture.
  7. Chapman and Ron Hickman worked together on furniture design and subsequently fell out over the workmate design which Chapman c!aimed was designed on his drawing boards in his time
  8. That was lotus engineering and may have been to with the connections to boat building
  9. And don't doubt he will be the first complaining when taxes go up to pay for it all.
  10. Goodwood speed week is on live
  11. Perhaps if Andy Burnham had been as vociferous about people disobeying the rules Manchester wouldn't be in the position it is now
  12. Nothing to do with that,it's all the fault of Boris (according to Starmer)
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