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  1. pete

    Top Gear - New Series

    Won't happen until 2019
  2. As my mum used to say 'Harwich for the continent Frinton for the incontinent'
  3. pete

    Any English Woodcarvers, out there?

    So is definitely beech or mahogany
  4. pete

    Any English Woodcarvers, out there?

    Doubt it is beech. Could be walnut or cherry maybe ash
  5. pete

    Any English Woodcarvers, out there?

    Anyone got a picture
  6. Good to see everyone old and new. Normally take the long route to and from the meeting. Might have trouble keeping up with yours.
  7. pete

    Pop quiz: what is it?

    You worked for BA should be used to it
  8. pete

    Utility Bills

    Am on electric only and Avro doesn't come up on comparison sites. Bulb comes out best at the moment.
  9. pete

    Exige S2 RGB wanted

    Says sold?
  10. pete

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Seems clear now that the politicians have woven such a complicated web that they thought it would be too difficult for a country to leave and so an agreement was always going to be impossible to agree
  11. pete

    G car buyers guide
  12. Appears to have gone into administration
  13. pete

    Utility Bills

    Have switched to Bulb(never heard of them) estimated saving of £300 on 1500 bill. Are solar panels worth installing now as price seems to have dropped.