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  1. pete


    Think it means if you are coming from the east you will need to drive up to hangar lane and come back along the old road outside of the north circular
  2. The welcome to Yorkshire sign has been put up in Lincolnshire
  3. The protesters will be back on the M25 from the 25th. Let's hope the police they out their new powers
  4. pete


    Don't think the EU are the problem more Macron
  5. Was suggested at last meeting that we could have the November meeting here Any thoughts? My edit (Chris) This is a go - post replies in this thread
  6. pete

    Wanted - Evora S

    All cars have gone up. Nothing to do with the emira. You will be lucky to find an NA for under 30. Personally think they had dropped too low and the price now is what they should be . Don't think you will see a drop in price for sometime
  7. Had my flu jab at the pharmacy
  8. Very difficult to find the price of air to air heat pumps and their installation. They always want to come round to see you and to give you a quote as double glazing salesman do. Do they qualify for the £5000 that Boris is bringing in?
  9. This is to do with saving people money,we are all going to have to get used to higher energy costs and maybe people will think more about how much they are using when it hits home how much it is costing. We work work in a lot of houses where they are in shorts and tee shirts with the heating at 25 over the whole house
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