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  1. Then you will get lotus people on here and seloc saying that is too dear. Lotus no longer sell to just lotus people and the new buyer will pay the right price for one without a quibble
  2. There is a white one on FB for 40000
  3. Going into Endeavour on Tuesday for new switch, sourced by @Bibs. 🤑
  4. Been having problems with mine cutting the power while in the outside lane of the motorway. Have adjusted as explained by the dealer and now the traction control light is on all the time,what have I done wrong
  5. Can't see what the difference is between a marquee in the car park and being inside the pub
  6. Not the overpaid under worked electricians then
  7. Had a short run out this morning
  8. they can`t force you but some don`t have an excess if you use their preferred one , £75 if you don`t
  9. what made ITV decide that Craig ReveL Horwood and Bruno Tonoli, from strictly come dancing, were the best people to front a new car driving programme .
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