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  1. Plymouth to Santander is only 20 hours
  2. presumably you need to add hotels to the french route. thought crossing to santander was about 20 hours. personally would avoid france at the moment
  3. The larger the heat pump and the larger the pipe run the bigger the pipe needs to be. A 5kw pump needs 22mm pipe but a 16 kw needs 35mm piping
  4. thanks all for coming,had my deposit returned this afternoon😁
  5. @C8RKHno need for handcuffs , just super glue them to the side of the road
  6. pete

    S4S info

    And a V8 would be at least £10000 more than the s4s was advertised at
  7. Certainly is personal with conservation officer
  8. pete

    S4S info

    Market value is just under advertised price
  9. China's largest ev manufacturer is moving into Europe, Norway will be the first the country,the largest percentage of ev s sold every year. Could be a major player soon especially if the range of 1000km is true.
  10. Corrected that for you
  11. Looks like it was caused by the length of time the oil was stored. Article says to use oil as fresh as possible. Worth getting the crystals analysed?
  12. pete


    Sorry but I lost interest when you compared us to the Eastern bloc of the seventies. Having been to the Eastern bloc in the early seventies I can tell you the it is nothing like that here and never will be.
  13. Surprised more accidents like this aren't more common.
  14. pete


    There is a shortage of all manual jobs,blame it on Blair wanting all to go to uni.
  15. pete


    The problem with the foreign drivers was that none of them were employed, they were all working for agencies who were earning the big money. Consequently when covid came and everything shut down they received nothing and went back home and haven't been able to come back
  16. Scott Russell is always worth a call Doubt you will get everything from one place
  17. You couldn't get it all out then
  18. reminds me of the local story where someone got on the end of a 2 hour petrol queue only to find when they got near the front they were in the queue for the local tip
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