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  1. Think Southgate was watching a different game to me
  2. Worst team in it so far.
  3. Beaver patrol rather appropriate
  4. What a fantastic 2nd half
  5. This not going to be easy for the Germans
  6. Think Wales will be out first
  7. Something definitely changed re. The banks. Have had my business account blocked 4 times in the last week
  8. Better sit her next to sparky then
  9. Blimey you have a good memory🥰😍
  10. perhaps Bibs could make her an honary member on here🤣
  12. The problem with diverting it straight to a reservoir is that a lot of water companies mix rain water and sewage
  13. Doesn't bode well though if labour were to get back in. To be honest none of them give me much confidence
  14. People soon forget though.
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