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  1. I have said it before but getting rid of local authority building inspectors was a recipe for all the above disasters. We don't work for builders as they in general they want the cheapest and then don't want to pay. If you must employ a builder try to use one who employs all the trades rather than sub contracting everything. Bricklayers tend to be to the majority of builders and they are probably the worst relying on sub contractors knowledge which is often not what it should be. So always I would work direct for the client not the builder
  2. Any thoughts?
  3. Used to put asbestos sheeting on a bonfire and watch it explode.
  4. And an elite
  6. pete

    WANTED: Exige V6S

    At up to £35000 and a non roadster most will have around the 40,000 miles and may not be as well looked after as will's one looks.
  7. pete

    WANTED: Exige V6S
  8. pete

    BBC - Again!

    All of the replacement DJ s when the main ones are on holiday are far better for a tenth of the money.
  9. pete

    BBC - Again!

    What is the matter with them. Zoe ball,probably one of the worst,looses 1 million listeners so they give her a million pound pay rise making her the highest paid on the bbc
  10. The minorities are ruling the majority
  11. F2 which is supposed to be for 'apprentice' f1 drivers had the same situation and they behaved impeccably
  12. Pablo Escobar was spending 2500 dollars amonth on elastic bands to wrap his money
  13. Was in Hobbycraft today and a father and young son playing hide and seek in the aisles using face masks off the shelf to go boo to people and then put the masks back on the shelf. Shop assistant said nothing
  14. From Monday this meeting will be illegal Good route
  15. pete

    BBC - Again!

    Perhaps he will bring back "it ain't half hot mum" or Alf Garnett.
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