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  1. As a company being able to claim the vat (or a percentage) is not the only advantage of leasing as also as it is not an asset it doesn't appear on the balance sheet
  2. Very rare a main dealer will offer the best deal. Some companies charge an admin fee, length of lease greatly effects monthly payments as does yearly mileage, done look cheaper but may only have 3 to 4000 miles allowance. Pay as low as possible up front.
  3. pete

    Turbo Esprit?

    someone has heard you are in town
  4. Is it as important as summer tyres for winter tyres to be ZR rated or will H suffice
  5. whoever thought he would make 80 RIP Ginger
  6. Where is all this crap coming from from some bloke Morris who has only just joined
  7. Wow didn't realise what a mess is behind those trims. Are you fitting the windscreen yourself. PS belated congratulations on your engagement
  8. VID-20190924-WA0000.mp4
  9. pete

    Esprit for sale
  10. pete

    BIBS charity

    Who knew he had his own charity
  11. 200 million won't make the government own them. It is only part of a 1.1BILLION pound rescue
  12. Can't see where the 600 million comes from,that comes to nearly £4000 for every holiday maker.
  13. As if he crimes weren't bad enough his sentence is a joke and should surely be appealed BBC News - Ivan Girga: Killer driver with 25 points kept licence
  14. pete

    311 purchase

    @Vipershas one I have seen him drive it on the road
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