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  1. You have a good memory John 🥺
  2. pete

    Blitz Spirit
  3. pete

    Blitz Spirit

    Worked out quite well for me as when the rates came down I had got used to paying the higher amount and left the payments at the higher rate,paid the mortgage off 10 years earlier
  4. What does social domestic and pleasure actually cover. Some say it covers commuting some say not, or does it differ with each insurance company
  5. pete

    Blitz Spirit

    Couldn't fit one in our shoe box
  6. Hyundai is to replace the electric batteries in nearly 82,000 of its electric vehicles worldwide because of a fire risk. Most of the affected vehicles are Kona cars built between 2018 and 2020, tens of thousands of which have been sold in the UK, vehicle-registration
  7. Didn't think the vaccine produced anti bodies or am I wrong
  8. Hyundai recalling the Kona and Ioniq to replace the batteries
  9. There are a few on pistonheads
  10. VID-20210222-WA0000.mp4
  11. The one at Silverstone's has just sold
  12. A lot of tickets were carried over from last year
  13. Looks like this should go ahead if Boris timetable works out
  14. A club racer for sale with will Blackham
  15. Good job the teachers union doesn't represent supermarket workers
  16. Been working in this unusual place today and rest of week
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