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  2. pete

    Formula One

    Appears that Ford have bought red bull f1
  3. Local sausage shop posted this today
  4. couldnt be any worse
  5. What a surprise the bank of England and mist economists haven't got a clue about the British economy
  6. Bike engine have been producing that sort of power for sometime, without turbos
  7. so guilty until proven innocent 😇
  8. pete


    mind you dont fall off that fence
  9. Grandson got his purple belt today
  10. pete

    Smart meters

    The last technician they sent was so large he couldn't even get in the cupboard to fit it
  11. pete

    Smart meters

    Have economy 7 so think I have one. They have failed to fit a smart meter twice in the past , so watch this space
  12. pete

    Smart meters

    Anyone know anything about RTS meters and their being switched off
  13. pete

    Bye Scotland!

    see you soon down here then
  15. They have just received an order for 10000 cars from a leasing company.
  16. Don't think they secretly want to win again . Next lot to get in could be on a loser for a long time
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