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  1. Or don't do anything and when it comes to sell it have any damage repaired, probably cheaper😁
  2. Went to London last night to see Beth Hart at the London palladium for my 75th today. Got to the foyer and told the show was cancelled due to illness.
  3. pete

    Bye Scotland!

    Would have thought that made him the ideal candidate 😈
  4. pete

    Bye Scotland!

    So the SNP have lost 42% of their members in 3 years, down to 72,000 now
  5. VID-20230315-WA0000.mp4
  6. @Kimbers. @Sparky can only get worse, you seem to forget you are getting OLD 🤑
  8. VID-20230314-WA0000.mp4
  9. pete


    2 days running I have done wordle in 2
  10. As @ChrisJ I don't see why self charging hybrids aren't more popular, am I missing something
  11. Seen in @Sparky tool box
  12. If the dealers are the only ones with suitable tyres then surely the price isn't over inflated
  13. pete

    Formula One

    20/1 on betfair is more like it
  14. pete

    Formula One

    Surprised Alonso is that short
  15. pete

    BBC - Again!

    Sure there were many better DJs who would have done the job for half ken's salary. In fact surely Kay would have done it for a lot less
  16. pete

    BBC - Again!

    Why do the BBC think they have to pay Vernon Kaye nearly twice as much as the far superior Ken Bruce, £600,000 a year
  17. Best to buy shares in that hotel then
  18. He used to take it to Santa pod. Owned an auto transmission firm
  19. Warning not for the squeamish VID-20230301-WA0000.mp4
  20. Otherwise no more wine 😍
  21. Is that the same time as the pigs start to fly😝
  22. Costing about £3000 to insure around here
  23. Have you gone back to work to pay for it
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