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  1. Yes jags had two tanks and two filler caps but the tanks were not connected and you had a switch on the dash to switch from one tank to another
  2. someone whose headlight looks droopy
  3. well worth a second visit. excellent breakfast and a chance to see some unusual loti.quite an interesting venue too.
  4. should be there. wonder if Wookie will appear with his washers?
  5. she must have enjoyed the drive home
  6. reckon watford exotics must have deleted my name Pete
  7. think perhaps i better stay out of this.Perhaps the last meet was a one off Pete
  8. any other clues as to exact location pete
  9. best send the wife to Sparky for a "C" service
  10. Ben be nice to see you and the car on thursday at Rainbow and Dove nr Harlow for the monthly meeting
  11. excellent job as usual and now runs so smoooooth.Thanks again Pete
  12. THURSDAY 5TH AUGUST [first thursday in august] I will be there . Just going to get car back from sparky after a tune up so may have to go the long way to the pub
  13. very civilised evening and good to meet everybody.Surprised to see so many of you there after reading previous posts about this group.Perhaps you have been sandbagging all along to fool others into thinking nobody ever comes to your meetings.Thanks again for a very pleasant evening Pete
  14. andy i will be eating and there may be two of us. Unfortunately wont be in the Lotus which is due to go to Sparky for some tlc pete
  15. Friday September 24 at 18.30 Venue Rye House, Hoddesdon,Herts. Format. team marathon for 2-5 persons all equipment provided and 15 minute practise session then a 2 hour race Cost 170 pounds per team Anyone interested Pete
  16. thanks for .all your concerns and thanks to dave for the was missing in top all the way home so spoke to SPARKY this morning and ordered a new coil as a precaution and hopefully that will solve the misfiring and other problems although i have my doubts
  17. due to m25 going straight to ace dave also if he is home in time
  18. think that is near enough for me to get to in a reasonable time
  19. why not take it to the Ace tomorrow evening
  20. 10 esprits should be good suppose i better wash mine this time
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