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  1. if he does i will be with him pete
  2. think i had already come to that conclusion Andy
  3. not had much luck taking photos of enigmas
  4. Had a look on LEW at how to replace aerial on my 85 turbo and have four questions 1 As mine has always been in the up position did not realise it was electric or is it . Were they all electric as standard 2 Can i still get one or can the original be repaired 3 Is it as difficult to fit as it looked in the article or is this a job for sparky and wookie 4 should i just leave it as it is as radio seems to work fine
  5. how about we make it the second thursday this month if only to see your car Chris Pete
  6. Dave is in greece at the moment so is suggesting we postpone this weeks meeting.Any thoughts anyone
  7. 1 . sparky (sky poof duties notwithstanding) 2 pete
  8. Wurth make a product called rost off ice for freeing corroded nuts and bolts.Works by freezing the metal causing it to contract and freeing the two parts.Anyone know if this works better than other methods
  9. and i thought people were waving at me
  10. can 2 people share the full evening session in one car
  11. went to lotus club meet at panshanger aerodrome yesterday.despite being cold there was probably 30 + loti there.excellent breakfast and a good mix of cars and people.thought the aerodrome was an old ww2 one but it seems it was built as a decoy aerodrome to protect the nearby de havilland factory and airfield at hatfield.later became a light aircraft airfield from where Colin Chapman used to fly when he was at cheshunt.also used to test and service elites from there
  12. pete


    as kimbers says they just keep making better idiots
  13. hope you got on ok today.had similar problem with barclays 20 years ago and took my overdraft to lloyds and been there eversince
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