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  1. Funny how now the exige has stopped being made it's now people realise what a good car it is
  2. interesting that some are considering an exige instead of an emira. To me they are completely different cars.
  3. Interesting article about the future problems with electric vehicles in multistorey car parks and bridges. Local authorities are being advised to have surveys carried out out on all such buildings by structural engineers.
  4. Spoke to solicitor handling the case for my insurance company and he has submitted my defence form. Was told previously by him and the insurance company that I wasn't to answer anything , it was all to be dealt with by them
  6. Will has an early one.
  7. Glad I was a neutral.
  8. Took my exige to zandervoot and spa non stop without any problem and I am in my seventies. If your first exige I would have thought a 350 sport would be plenty quick enough and considerably cheaper
  9. Sorry so many missed the post about the change of venue. If there is enough interest we could arrange a meet between Christmas and new year for those looking for an excuse to get out
  10. TVR t350 hang around a long time, a disappointing drive
  11. Squadron is closed on Sunday. Red bus has another car meet tomorrow. There is a third Rosey Lee
  12. pete

  13. So bank rate up to 3.5% today and Scottish high earners to pay more tax than their English counterpart There should be some proviso added to these rate increases insisting banks pass it on to savers as well as borrowers
  14. Just had my new rates for next year.
  15. Won't stop the &ankers put the rate up tomorrow
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