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  1. roads are clear now and there is no more snow forecast so should be fine
  2. gone completely haywire now. site cant be reached ,had to log back in again which took several attempts
  3. dont know whether its related but pages have become very slow to load and when i logged on it said this site wasnt safe
  4. look different to me
  5. Because of an injury to Stones
  6. Have to day the one thing Southgate is poor on is his use of substitutes. Seems to leave it too late as yesterday when bringing Rashford on with 6 minutes to go, hardly enough time to settle in. However that may be something that comes with more experience
  7. Disappointing but felt we were always chasing the game.
  8. That was fantastic. Not a submarine in sight
  9. Ah but you have probably tapped off the street light. Am all electric and yesterday my biggest £7.50
  11. Even the police chief had sympathy and asked for someone to give him a job
  12. If you for some reason you don't trust the mail how about
  13. Could this be the future.
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