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  1. Bought 20 sheets of ply today that last year was £88 a sheet, today £135 plus vat
  2. As I said "bloody electricians"
  3. It's toughened glass if you look carefully it has shattered , it's not pattern glass
  4. So if he hadn't crossed the line would that been ok. Big discrepancies in fines
  5. Surely the cyclists have to obey the highway code the same as everyone. If they had been a car they would have been obliged to stop and let the car through so why were they deemed in the right
  6. pete

    Formula One
  7. pete

    Formula One

    Merc seem to make bad decisions when they are under pressure. Also a lot of their backroom people have gone to red bull
  8. Better stay away from the mother in law 👿👿
  9. For some reason he changed his plea on the morning of the trial.
  10. Interesting that the police used cam evidence from a cyclist but are reluctant to accept them from motorists
  11. Seems that you need to stop if cyclists are coming the other way on a narrow lane £1000 plus fine seems harsh especially as the woman seems unable to remove her feet from the toe clips quick enough
  13. this one turned up yesterday
  14. Perhaps you should have been a Minotaur
  15. So how about one new rule to stop these parasites,the DVLA stops selling our private information
  16. In 50 years of owning dogs I have never taken one into a restaurant and they only go off the lead in a confined space.
  17. Any better
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