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  1. At Lydden today
  3. pete

    Housing Market

    ah but is nearer the pub😊😇
  4. pete

    Smart meters
  5. pete

    Smart meters

    Thought the rts switched the meters over
  6. pete

    Smart meters

    i have to have one evidently because i am on economy 7 and the bbc are switching off the radio signal that the meter uses
  7. pete

    Smart meters

    Why would I do it? Because a. I am being forced to have one and b. because on various forums I say so many saying they are getting big bills because of false readings.
  8. pete

    Smart meters

    Is there a 'dumb' mode on a smart meter. I. E. Instead of sending the reading you have to read it as before
  9. pete

    Formula One

    So Riccardo is to replace de vries at alpha tauri. Not sure he will be better than tsunoda.
  10. 1 pan roasted lamb rump 1 fish and chips 1 mini dessert and hot drink
  11. Sue and I will be there. Will do menu tomorrow
  12. Grandson had his grading today
  13. Tonight am going to see Harmonica Lewinsky and the highway patrol, evidently has a good blow
  14. Think they have a lotus open day today at Hilton and moss
  15. Where's an electrician when you need one
  16. Certainly impressive workshops and always have immaculate cars for sale. Or Rapid mechanical services at Romford ,
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