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  1. That was fantastic. Not a submarine in sight
  2. Ah but you have probably tapped off the street light. Am all electric and yesterday my biggest £7.50
  4. Even the police chief had sympathy and asked for someone to give him a job
  5. If you for some reason you don't trust the mail how about
  6. Could this be the future.
  7. Probably naked attraction🫣
  8. @ChrisJcar lives near you, do you know it?
  9. Needs signing!!
  10. I have spoken to my insurance company and they say they are dealing with it. The claim has already been refused by them and say I shouldn't have had the claim sent to me as it has already been dealt with through both sets of solicitors
  11. So is my defence that my insurance company is dealing with it
  12. Looking at the timber the roof has been leaking for sometime and is probably wet rot. Next doors must be same and that is why they have called the roofer in. Is the loft insulated?
  13. Different team and game tonight
  14. Has anybody had to deal with these people. They are putting in a claim against me for almost £4000 for an accident I had over 2 years ago.
  15. I really don't know what to say, I am of an age that has has believed in British justice all my life but that has just left me quite deflated . Just hope that your family can put all this behind them in the future.
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