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  1. pete


    Hope no one invested in purple bricks at £5 a share, they are now 10p
  2. VID-20230218-WA0000.mp4
  3. Good news for the likes of caterham
  4. Don't see anyone arguing with that🤪
  5. VID-20230212-WA0002.mp4 Club Timetable Template_DP MSVR Apr 2 3.pdf
  6. dont think todd doors do bespoke front doors only internal,and most of their external doors are veneered
  7. unless you have a small porch i wouldnt use any of them
  8. maybe take this for a drive as ithas the Komotec 490 conversion
  9. pete

    Bye Scotland!

    @C8RKHbetter hold fire on the move
  10. a lot will depend on budget and whether existing door is a standard size
  11. pete

    Lotus 47
  12. Japan Releases Fully Performing Female AI Robots:
  13. Because of your troubles I would get the dealer to put new tyres on and to deliver the car to you once they have it all sorted. The least they can do for trying to sell a car not properly serviced. Are you able to name the garage.
  14. All Irish road racing including the north west has been cancelled because of the high cost of insurance😒
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