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  1. Pete, are you and sue coming to Megan's and Rebecca's birthday bash, from 3.00 pm on the 30th April, it's a bring your own meat we will provide bbq and salads etc, also bring your own drinks, we will provide soft drinks etc. It's a garden party, bring your own tent or caravan.

    hope you can come please rspv



    1. pete


      forgot to reply,we will be delighted to come,

      p,s,you had noticed the change of venue for thursday

  2. pete

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    Car is sorned but runs.not sure of mileage but can find out.has usual problem of rusted wings under plastic bits.turbos are smoking.mechanic is owed 4000 on it so far and owner would take 14,000 for is in Harlow area same owner for over 20 years.can give you the mechanics number if anyone wants to know more



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