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  1. 13 hours ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    Sitting in a Eurowings A320 at Düsseldorf airport awaiting departure back to UK. Been sat here for 90 minutes and still not pulled back from gate. The reason? No-one around to load the luggage! This after two hours to get from check-in through Security. 3 check-in agents for 17 Eurowings counters. Only 4 security lanes open out of 10 for all passengers. Now been at DUS for nearly 5 hours and no news on any progress. Spent last hour catching up on TLF, but now run out of new content so adding my own to pass the time.

     Update. Baggage finally being loaded. Looking like a 2 hour delay for this.

    People can't blame Brexit for that

  2. On 12/06/2022 at 21:35, jimichanga said:

    I expect Flintoff will stick up for it while Chris Harris tears it to shreds unfortunately. Amazing how these new unobtainable GT3 Tourings keep appearing on his driveway though…


    Ye of little faith😜

  3. 4 hours ago, LotusLeftLotusRight said:

    One big difference though. Bottas was in the best car for years, which Hamilton used to great effect, unlike Bottas. This season’s Mercedes clearly isn’t the best car.

    Wasn't talking about performance,  Hammilton had 7 years of mostly good luck while bottas seemed to get all the bad luck, this season Hamilton is getting his share of bad luck and it gets mentioned whereas bottas's was rarely mentioned.

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