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  1. I agree Paul, respect to take that - and the group doesn't miss having Robbie in it! Have to say though, not dissing the guy, but back in their day Gary Barlow couldn't dance - today, he still cant!! lol
  2. Thanks to Howard and Mike for stopping by! Nice to meet you both Was a good show I thought - I spent a long time drooling over the Pearl White S3 Turbo - Owner was Bob Chapman, he talked a lot but admitted so! Got some useful (I think) tips from him. Was a nice car he owned. (I didn't like the red lettering though! )
  3. Does look good but seems cheap?
  4. See you on there Mike! Was there for build up today - club lotus stand has a very nice looking S3 Turbo in Pearl White on it and a JPS S2 Andy
  6. Yep, was on Sunday about 4-4.30pm. I seem to be seeing Esprit EVERYWHERE at the moment!
  7. I was in 'Buddies Diner' as you come in to Northampton after A43, saw you pulling out of BP garage
  8. Cracking show this one, well worth a visit. There was a nice S3 Turbo HC on the Club Lotus stand last year. I'll be there running my MK1 Golf Owners Club stand (plug plug!) Seriously though, they have all types of cars there - top show!
  9. Back today - got a closer look - it's a V8, Reg T***JCL
  10. I heard today that BBC will be showing a documentry about Hamsters drive/crash and show the footage
  11. Spooky! Don't think I've seen yours around, is it a regular around Corby?
  12. Now you can all spot it! (Shame my camera phone doesn't have a zoom lens though!!)
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