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  1. There's one arrived at BCA in Blackbushe that is going to auction soon. Reserve is less than £40k, it'll be interesting to see what it goes for
  2. I love this car. I was a guest at Lotus during qualifying for 1990 British GP and spent most of the day in the pits & paddock area ............. oh to be 13 again!
  3. I always wonder when I see cars like this for sale why the ex-drivers do not buy them ? If (only) I was an F1 driver I'd love one of every car I raced after my retirement.
  4. 6 months seems optimistic with the nature of his injuries but let's hope it's true. He could replace Petrov and help Senna win the title ............... or is that a bit too optimisitc?
  5. Youtube has footage from a news report showing the car after the crash. (it's not gruesome). At 0:23 you can see what appears to be the hole made when the armco pierced through the front. Kubica Skoda
  6. First reports are suggesting multiple wrist fractures. Not good news We may get Senna back in a Lotus after all.
  7. Another 'interested' here.
  8. PC version is down to £19.79 if pre-ordered at shopto. F1 2010 - £19.79 Amazon & Play will probably drop to similar prices too soon.
  9. Killboy


    She has friends.
  10. I know the owner of this Esprit, I don't think he's joined here yet. it's a 88 Turbo with a V8 wing. That's 4 of us in Tamworth at least now then.
  11. The ball maybe different to what they play with week in week out but professional footballers should be able to play football with anything from an orange to a beach ball. They've all trained with it and it's the same ball for all teams so they should quit the whinging and get on with it.
  12. from me, an Esprit without all the unnessacary comforts. You could do a lot worse for £7k.
  13. I've finally got around to replacing the drive shaft seals on my '88 Turbo. Can anyone advise if the bearing adjusting ring nut on the O/S of the gearbox should be tightened until it stops or is there a specific procedure for tightening it? Thanks.
  14. I'm looking for a workshop manual for an '88 Stevens Turbo. Does anyone have 1 sitting around they'd like to swap for some £'s. Thanks in advance.
  15. Looks like it finally sold yesterday for just over
  16. It has a reg transfer to 'BUF 2T' in Dec'94, the last change of owner was Aug '96. Looks like it hasn't been taxed since 1997.
  17. It went through today and recieved a highest bid of
  18. There is a black V8 at British Car auctions in Enfield which has been dropped off today- reg T340 JCL. I don't know much more about it at this stage other than it has 43k miles on the clock and used to be on reg '123 GTA'. If anyone is interested let me know and I will find out some more info as & when it is updated (I work for them but not at Enfield).
  19. I've found that holding the washers on for 10-15 seconds works every time on making tailgaters back off. Although not ideal if you've just spent hours washing and polishing your car.
  20. How about stripping it for parts, then declaring it scrapped. It'd be a shame to lose another S3 but if it can't be purchased legally then perhaps this is another alternative for somebody? If the 'original' owner wants to go around every Esprit he sees looking to claim his parts back then good luck to him.
  21. at the 2nd picture, we've all been there (the footwell that is )
  22. If your unfortunate enough to lose your keys in a car park anyone finding them will instantly know which car they belong to and it could be bye bye Lotus. Where as if it was a 'Ford, BMW, Honda, Vauxhall etc......' keyring there would be 100's to pick from. Probably not much chance of it happening but it's the reaosn I no longer have the Lotus logo on my keyring.
  23. Another manufacturer that can never display a 'Constructors World Champions' badge.
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