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  1. My Car! What an amazing job Tim at Envy Car Care has done on it . Loads of swirls on black paint is never a good look....not anymore though!
  2. The car started Ok but having left it for 20 minutes I returned and no life at all. I can hear the fuel pump clicking but when I turn the ignition to go all I get it is a load click . The engine is not turning over. If anyone could help with a diagnosis process it would be much appreciated. thanks all. Gary
  3. Hi Everyone, I've posted previously regarding the problem I have with my stalling S2 but at the risk of boring everyone could I ask for a bit more advise. Ive noticed that after driving for about 20 mins or so and usually on the over-run as Im coming down to a junction or roundabout I get a single back fire through the exhaust and then the engine dies. It will usually start on the key but has always been problematic starting when hot. Is this air leaking into the carbs ? Any help much appreciated! thanks Gary.
  4. I suspected the carbs were the issue so I'll get that checked over.....Thanks for the help guys !
  5. Lotus Esprit S2 (1979) Date Added: 28 December 2011 - 05:52 PM Owner: GBreadner Short Description: JPS - Number 24 View Vehicle
  6. Hi guys, A little advise required please. When I take my S2 out and it has been running for 20 minutes or so it is inclined to stall at roundabouts/junctions. If I carefully come down the gears it happens less frequently but if I roll down or drop the clutch for too long then it will stall. It normally idles Ok at about 1100 revs, but sometimes does not pick up cleanly until about 3k revs when it sounds clean and great. Not a huge problem but as I think is not that uncommon it can be a pig to restart when hot.....All help much appreciated !! Gary
  7. I have a dodgy passenger seat belt on my S2 which no longer locks out. As I guess this is a stock part from another manufacturer would anyone be able to clue me up on purchasing a replacement ?. Any help much appreciated . Gary
  8. Thanks everyone for all the help. The car runs very smoothly and pick up is clean . Its not a chronic issue either its happened but a few times. Do you think I should start with getting the idle revs up and if so what should I aim for 1000 (?) . I hadn't considered electric so far so will check that also. Thanks Gary.
  9. I'm loving the experience of owning my S2 JPS but one thing is troubling me and in a way spoiling the whole joy of it. Pulling up to a junction or even mid gear change the engine dies and thats it just will not restart. Using standard procedure of leaving for 15 minutes it will then it fires up OK. Doesn't sound or feel at all lumpy when driving it however. So any advise please. Is it as simple as increasing idle revs or something more fundamental. All help and advise gratefully received. Gary
  10. Ok think I've got it straight now....thanks for the help guys!
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm sorry to ask what must have been discussed a million times before on the forum but could I have some advise on hot and cold starting. I've been told the following Cold - Switch on wait for the fuel pump to stop clicking, depress accelerator fully twice start. ( no choke) Hot- hold accelerator fully down until it fires back off . Thanks! Gary
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a very recent new owner of a S2 and I love it but I've noticed the passenger seat belt mechnism does not can pull the belt out to your hearts content. Could anyone help me as to the existing belt being fixed or if thats not practical where I can obtain a new one and get fitted. Thanks for any help . Gary
  13. Mat, thanks for that link......Sounds like that is exactly what the problem is and relatively easy to fix. Much appreciated! Regards Gary.
  14. There is a bit of a clonking noise from behind the passenger side seat ( which I think may be a lose bolt) and the passenger side seat belt doesnt seem to lock out on the tensioner
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