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    88 bosch inj turbo
  1. It must be the same as yours. I think the bosch system was not for the home market though so is impossible to find. It's a shame because my car is off the road as a result.
  2. Thanks Tom. Sjs can't help. Only the American and Ozi cars have this system and only for the 88 model i'm led to believe.
  3. I have an Ozi delivered 88 turbo so it has the jetronic injection. My mechanic managed to shear off the vacuum advance/ retard module (whilst changing the oil filter because it hits the filter) and its beyond repair. Our parts supplier here said it is a lotus unique dizzy because it has a 20% advance when warming up etc and its no longer available. Does anyone know what else its fitted to or where I can get a replacement? I'm not willing to drive it without the vacuum module. I assume its different to the carby model and certainly to the GM injected cars. Thank you!
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