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  3. Any updates Dave as I am following your threads with much interest.
  4. Hello can anyone tell me if the master cylinder/servo from a v8 will fit on to a 1995 s4s.I am looking to seriously improve brake pedal feel and performance.
  5. Hello can anyone help? The question asked is does anybody no the size and part no. of the door speakers i refer to the bigger ones at the bottom of the door.
  6. hello Dave been out of circulation for a while (yes work) just logged on and wonder if you could include me on the manifold list kind regards Peter
  7. from memory PNM engineering front brakes and dampers,lotus sport seats sport 300 steering wheel, hand brake and pedals,17 inch exact copy of BBS wheels gold centers polished rims, expensive ICE, s4 mirrors and rear spoiler all could be reversed some origional parts i have. The car was shown Oh it also has adjustable boost .
  8. Hi I have a black dry sump turbo in storage its got some lotus and non lotus mods all by previous owner,bought it as an investment, better than money in the bank, funds made were always going to daughters university fees.Might sell for the right money, car lives in carcoon in garage runs fine never failed its mot i did drive it alot when first purchased a real buzz. Not to get hopes up! would want offers over £10000 dont have to sell for another two years, prices can only go up. regards Peter
  9. Cant seem to view sles article are they still for sale? regards Peter
  10. sorry the pipe has been sold Sanji Dave the rear bumper has gone i have the front spoiler etc.
  11. Hi i have a pair of sport 300 shells bare fibreglass never used any good?
  12. Hello i broke a 94 s4 a while ago send me a complete list i will try and help oh i also have an engine wirring harness from a sport 300 new.
  13. Yes i have heard mixed reviews about Hi Spec, did your kit come from Pete Mosgrove? I have 300mm discs and bells , brackets to take the origional calipers just wanted a better look through the rear wheels.
  14. Hi can anyone suggest a 4 pot caliper for the rear of a s4s I suppose the sport 300 ones have long dried up, anyone help?
  15. Hello all i have been restoring a1995 s4s over the last year and now have reached the interior.The problem is the heater vent on the passanger side dash.The hole in the dash seems to big for the s4 vent recently purchased i dont know if there are any other variants can any one help?
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