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  1. veliside body kits are even over the top on jap cars,
  2. thing is ,if you look at car adds on autotrader and pistonheads and car forums,it seem's car's just are not selling,everyone's going on about bargains but even the so called bargains are not selling,so grab your self a bargain
  3. pic's here of my evo
  4. dont get me wrong,i think an esprit is a dream car and i hope to own one soon,i really like the the fact that its made in the uk also its fiberglass and doesnt rust,i also think its more of a mature drivers car and a real classic ,
  5. if you look again m8 i was refering to a quote about handling and performance thats all,i know neds and the like have these cars now but only cos the price has falling to suite their small pockets,
  6. not wanting to sound cheeky but have you ever driven a car like the gtr or fq ? these cars are total mental,as in terms of handling theirs not much can better the gtr for price
  7. how about going jap ? nissan skyline r34 gtr
  8. am learning,, : : still a nice car though , mr robot
  9. really nice looking car you have there,good luck with the sale.
  10. hi again bibs,just thought i would post this link of my evo on pistonheads ,to let you see it, its a family car lol still looking for an esprit ,got my eye on one and had an offer from my m8 as his friend has one sitting in his garage now for a few years , but i think i would prefer one which is being used as this one needs a bit of work done to it,i cant get an esprit till i sell my evo as i have 3 motors at the moment so one has to go,
  11. i call that bad luck,good luck with your search
  12. thanks guys, Andy am not really to fussy about power but a turbo would keep me happy ,have my eye on a 83 car with 2 owners and pretty low miles with good history, Paul,like your car i like white too,yep i think i should take my time and look around at differant models and years ,but think i will keep back from the v8 ,would prefer a car which i could do a bit of work on myself , bibs,yes the evo and esprit are miles apart both good cars but the evo gt_a is more a family car ,it 's not got hard suspension or bucket seats like normal evos, it's built more for the older guy or woman,but can still give any car out their a run for their money. cheers and all the best
  13. just to say hi to everyone,just joined and thinking about getting an Esprit,had a few performance cars allways thought about an esprit,got an evo7 gt_a (which is a triptronic )at the moment,so if anyones thinking about parting with ther esprit and may fancy an evo please let me know ,cheers and a happy new year everyone
  14. hi just wondering if anyone is looking for a swap or part exchange an Esprit for my evo7 gt-a which has under 21.000 miles on her ,this is a rare car only 2000 of this model were made ,cheers forgot to say this car is a triptronic ,in silver got auto lights and wipers got all the extras,brand new pioneer ice, also got psi13 ecu data monitor
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