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    Ruud-Peter Lemmens
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    1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit/ 2006 Lotus Europa S
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    Upgraded alternator, Optima dry fit battery, led instead of incandescent lights
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  2. I have a 1985 Lotus Turbo Esprit, which might be interesting to you. White, black bumpers, genuine Lotus glass sunroof. The vehicle is right hand drive, but is currently registered in the Netherlands (where I live). I have a copy of the original V5 (it used to be a British car). Recent engine overhaul, plenty of new parts, but would require a bit more TLC to get it in perfect condition. Vehicle features stainless steel SJ Sportscars exhasut, replaced alloy fuel tank, overhauled brakes. Currently has MOT. To make it showroom condition, it would require new upholstry, ideally new paintjob. If interested, drop me a line. Best regards, Ruud-Peter.
  3. The location is exactly the same as on the VX220/ Speedster turbo. I have a 2006 Europa S myself.
  4. Owning a 1985 Turbo Esprit since 2011....and now an addition to the fleet! Purchased a 2006 Lotus Europa S in Titanium storm. This vehicle will be slightly modified, so I can use it on trackdays as well. It will be parked alongside his older Turbo equivalent. It's very interesting to observe what happened in turbo technology in 21 years.... Regards, Ruud-Peter
  5. I have driven two Europa S now and they all seem to have the same problem. If you let go the accelerator, the engine seems to rattle and shake a little and almost feels like the Waste gate is not opening. The turbo is spooling down, working as an "exhaust brake". I have not found a solution for the problem yet, but my initial thoughts are at the turbo wastegate actuator mechanism. The problem seems to be become less when an external additional wastegate, operated by classic vacuum is fitted. I will start testing with different actuators next week. The operation of the waste gate is slightly different than standard. There is a small vacuum reservoir, which is operated by two solenoids, which are operated by the engine ECU. You could check if this problem also arrises with Astra VXR, as this engine is for 95 percent identical as fitted to this vehicle. Exhaust and waterpump are the only different components on this engine (Z20LEH/Z20LER)
  6. LSV

    Esprit Turbo 81 -86

    I have a Turbo Esprit, which I might be willing to sell. I've send you a PM. Best regards, Ruud-Peter Lemmens
  7. Uploaded with This is how they look on my Turbo Esprit
  8. Looking for fully functional, mechanically sound 2.2 Litre 16V Lotus Turbo engine. Should be suitable for Giugiaro version, wet sump. Looking for a complete engine, as follows: basic block, including cilindre head, camshafts & covers Waterpump, sump, oilpump and distributor /ignition Not needed: Carburettors + Intake Exhaust maniforld and Turbo Engine mounts Clutch and Flywheel.
  9. Sure, I can get them cheaper, ie group buy. I have my own company in vehicle lighting and distribute these lights over here in the Netherlands. I'm able to arrange a group buy if requested. However, still have to wait for the snow to clear, before I can finally add them to my esprit Best regards, Ruud
  10. These items will drop the watts from 55 to approximately 30 watts per beam. An easy way to upgrade the output of the electrical system is replacing the motorola or Lucas alternator with a version from a Ford Fiesta (1992), this is a higher rated amp alternator. I will keep you guys posted on the installation
  11. My vin number ends at 2121 And a small impression of the car in current looks. I added the "007 license plate" just for fun, when the car is on display at car meetings.
  12. Hello, As I use my Esprit quite regularly, I'd like to have "normal" lighting on my car... I upgraded the alternator, upgraded the battery and this is the next step: Replacement of the headlights to a Full LED upgrade. It can be reversed without any damage or marks, to the original. The lights are a 100 perfect replacement for the standard 5,75" halogen bulbs. The lights are available in LHD and RHD. I will concentrate on changing the outer two at as a start. As soon as the snow clears, more pictures will follow.
  13. My 1985 Turbo. Colour is pearlescent white . (white metallic/ slightly pearl) The license plate...well, let's say I'm a Bond fan and this one was clipped on the car for the picture. Normally the car has a Dutch registration plate. Best regards, Ruud-Peter
  14. Hi guys, Normally I'm in the Esprit section, but I might be planning to buy a VX220/ Speedster beside my Esprit Turbo. I know the Speedster/ VX220 is very similar to the Elise, but does anyone know if the bodypanels are interchangeable? I saw one car once, so apparantly it can be done. It was a speedster with an Exige GT3 body Can I, in theory? Switch all bodypanels from an S2 Elise (Front and rear clam, doors, side sills) to a Speedster/VX220 body? Why go through all this potential work? The answer is simple...I'm more in favour of the X22XE Engine, rather than the Rover K-series and the VX220/Speedster is more moderately priced overhere. I know the VX220/Speedster runs 17" front and 17" rear and the Elise runs 16" front and 17" rear. Best regards, Ruud-Peter
  15. As some of you might know, I was forced to sell my 1984 Turbo Esprit restoration project some while ago. However business has been going well and I was able to start searching again. The car I looked for was once more a white giugiaro Turbo Esprit. I found a white Turbo in Germany (formerly registered in the UK), bought it...and did some minor repairs on the car to get it passed MOT. The car features a new windscreen, a new alternator, AGM Optima battery and changed the regular bulbs for LED units. electrics are running fine now... The car is a 1985 Turbo version with the optional detachable glass roof panel. It seems, from 1984 on, almost everybody ordered it as an option? I have rarely come across an Esprit which didn't have it. Uploaded with
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